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In the year 1787, the United states had a Constitutional convention. When this happened, the government and the representatives stood in one room to make the Constitution.There were many people that had participated in the Constitution convention. They had made a big impact on it. One of the people that participated in the Constitution was Richard Bassett. He was a one of the representatives of the thirteen colonies. Without him, it may never have been the same. Richard Basset was born on May 2,1775 in Maryland. He represented Delaware though in the Revolutionary War.  As a kid, he started living with his relative since his dad deserted his mom. He later studied law at Philadelphia when he got older in 1770. He then finished and was very successful at being a lawyer and a farmer. He had a few properties that he owned including Bohemia Manor that he inherited in Maryland from his relative and some houses in Dover and WIlmington. He married Betsy Garnett andy he was going to marry Ann Ennels but she had passed away. He was a little significant and had an impact in the constitution.  In the Revolutionary War, he captained a dover militia group and was very sucessfull. He also severed in the council of Delaware Saftey.  Basset played an important role in the making of the 1776 Delaware constitution. After this, it later got adopted in September of that year. Basset also showed up at the Philadelphia constitution. He didn’t do much though and he let the other representatives participate. Based on my reasearch I would give Richard Basset a C. He had a very minor and very small impact. Although he showed up for the convention meeting for the constitution, he did not make important decsions with the other representatives.  He did not vote or participated in the convention. None of the votes he made were important to the making of the U.S constitution. Basset just watched the meetings, came to them, and represented the state of Delaware. In conclusion, this was the impact of Richard Basset. He represented the state of Delaware. He played a key role in the 1776 Delaware constitution which later got passed months later. Basset Pariticipated in the meeeting and represented Delaware, but overlall did not have a very important role like some other people. This was the impact and the life pf Richard Basset during the Constitution Convention.

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