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In the period, beginning in the 1940 s, with the science and technology into productivity unceasingly, the scale of the enterprise is more and more huge, organization and external links, within the organization structure and the relationship between the members of the organization is increasingly complicated. During the period of the scientific management, the person is just an “economic” existence, and in behavioral science times, a group of management scholars began to pay attention to, from the perspective of the relationship between people study the behavior of individuals and groups, people put forward is not only a rational beings, and is a perceptual existence. During this period, I chose Mayo’s interpersonal organization theory and hertzberg’s organizational motivation theory as an example.The idea that, by leadership and participation for over a decade of “hawthorne,” he criticized the telero in the years of scientific management, he believed that technology and material interests had played a huge role in the wild stage of industrial development, but in the industrial age, the natural instincts of the people to work together would be developed, and the people in the organization were not simply “agents of the economy,” they were “social people,” and the cooperation of the people would be expressed through the organization.Hertzberg is a prominent psychologist and management scientist who, through a survey of hundreds of workers in the neighborhood of Pittsburgh, puts forward “motivational – health” twin factors on members of the organization based on the theoretical basis of the needs of predecessors. Through the analysis of traditional organization incentive theory, the paper puts forward a new incentive approach to job enrichment. In the Pittsburgh investigator’s eyes, there are two kinds of people in the world: people who have the essence of Adam, who seek to be satisfied by avoiding not being satisfied. What they want is “work hygiene”, which will lead to dissatisfaction. The other is a man who has the essence of Abraham, and the way they seek to satisfy it is to pursue the growth factor, and the lack of these factors can lead to dissatisfaction.

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