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            In recent years, the more morbidity of world population increases, the higher importance gains healthy diet. The real meaning of healthy diet is eating food with high nutritional value, which includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins, and doing it regularly in a balanced way. Indeed, it is the healthy diet that protects us from diseases and makes us feel very powerful and energetic.

               The immune system is one of the vital systems and its duty is to protect the body from millions of pathogens like bacterias, viruses and after all, the body becomes strong and ready to fight against the microbes. Helping the immune system to function without disruption is possible with paying attention what we eat. It means that we can keep the immunity active and strengthened by eating balanced and healthy food. This should not be forgotten that we only have one unique body. For that reason, we should take care of it every season, every time.

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               At every life stage, healthy diet achieves to maintain its importance in human beings’ life. When a baby is born, it is essential for it to get breast milk adequately. Day by day, the children grow up and to make this process healthy, it is really significant for their parents to get them adopt the eating healthy habit. In a research, it is shown that the healthy food preferred from early years is a promising approach to develop diet quality. 1 After time passes and being an adult, the risk of catching diseases increases. At the last stage of life, elderliness, people can also stay healthy by being careful about the things they eat.

               For many diseases, balanced nutrition takes a special place in lots of patients’ life. Preparing a good, healthy diet for a specific disease provides long and happy years. The prevalence of diet related diseases, like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and allergies is nowadays on the rise. 2 If we take obesity, for instance, it can be prevented by choosing the right food to eat by a specialist, making patients a diet list. A healthy diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables which contains inside a big amount of vitamins and these are essential to protect the body from diseases like influenza, heart attack, cancers, atherosclerosis, infections, etc. Also reducing junk food, too many fats, carbohydrates can be beneficial for the patients who suffer from these diseases.

               “Eating” activity itself is indispensable for carrying on daily life. If we do it healthily, its benefits absolutely can be seen. Seriously, we can not deny the crucial role of healthy diet in reducing the risks for illnesses. Every individual should not forget it if he/she wants to stay healthy and see the world’s beauties for a longer time.

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