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In 2014, a study of ‘new age’
retail shops found that individual buyers did not purchase according to one
single faith or spirituality, but instead selected an array of spiritual and
religious items to formulate their own beliefs.


In today’s modern economy there
is exceptional access to online spiritual direction. Guidance can be found from
books, podcasts, classes and retreats, all used to pursue an individual
spiritual identity.

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The surge in personal spirituality
contributes towards a larger ‘individualistic culture’ among young people,
according to Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University.

“You don’t need to hang out with a bunch of other people and go to religious
services. You don’t really need to believe in something bigger than yourself
like God,” Twenge says.


The statistics show that
Millennials are indeed less religious. Only half of young people, born between
1981 and 1996, firmly believe that God exists, while four in ten believe religion
is important in their lives.


Young people may be less religious;
however, they are just as likely to be spiritual as older generations.

According to fact tank ‘Pew Research Center’, over 40% of millennials ‘feel a deep
sense of wonder about the universe at least once a week’.

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