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In 1500 B.C.E, the Egyptians were very talented
in many ways through art and architecture. The Egyptians are not only known for
their incredible building skills, but also their creativity and respect to the
people above them, and their religion. The Egyptians are known for their two
main building materials, which were mud brick, and stone. With these two items
they had the ability to create amazing things that not only were beautiful, but
also practical. Stone was generally used for tombs and temples, while mud brick
was used in buildings, like the royal palaces. Egyptians were especially known
for their mortuary architecture. Their work was always grand and almost as if
they were always trying to over-achieve with each tomb and burial chamber. Usually,
parts of the tomb were decorated with images that would set apart individuals
from each other. For royals, they created temples, which made them stand out
amongst other rulers and other people. Not only were Egyptians talented
architects, they were also very talented artists. Their work is shown through
paintings, and sculptures, and even decorated vases. Before painting or drawing
something, they would always carve the image out, to make the image last longer
and look better. The tombs were also decorated by talented artists, to show off
how great the artist is and how great the deceased person was. Sometimes, there
were cases that their tomb decorations were left unfinished, because they put
so much time and effort into the process that they wouldn’t have enough time to
finish their work due to the timing of the burial. Even though artists had the opportunity
to show off their skills and talent, they were very limited to what they could
paint or draw. The reason behind this was because they were extremely
religious, and that they didn’t believe in putting anything unnecessary there. So
even though the work was beautiful, it was still not to its full potential. Egyptian
art got to the point where the artwork was becoming more realistic than before,
because they had started striving to express the human form as it truly is.

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