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In the share essence, why capitalism is better than socialism is the notion of the rightsand economic freedom capitalism brings to the individual, which lays the foundation ofwealth. Wealth is not created by the government, rather the individual. Henry Ford and BillGates Innovation and wealth was not created by the government, but through many voluntarytransactions with the induvial. In the case, when the government enforced laws or regulationwith the intention of helping businesses, in the majority of cases has ended with nothing,but terrible outcomes. One does not need to agree with capitalism, however, what economicfreedom has, is the rather absence of a single dominating system, that gives economicsfreedom and prosperity to the induvial.In the broad aspect of the underlying of capitalism is rule of law. Given property rights andsize of the government and is what make the integrity and accumulation of your rights, andfor what you have. The given protection for your property rights is, if not, the key motivationto start a business, with knowing that your income and savings are secure from wrongfultheft. With having a big government, your property rights will be more in the hands of thegovernment, which is a scary fallacy.The government is, in part, going to pass burdens troughtax and borrowing with the intention of growing the economy, whether you like it or not.In the case, if, higher taxes are passed through. It will reduce induvial and business to peruselong-term plans in the market. This will lower the private sector efficiency and activity toproduce economic growth in the long term. If in the case, lower taxes are passed, the shareeconomic growth, will be higher. Lower taxes do not mean, less tax revenue. Best examplesfor lower taxes is in the 1920 tax cuts and 1980 tax cuts in the USA, where the living standardsand revenue went up.For the shared principal for economic freedom plays government spending a big part, as thesize of the government. The issue with more government spending is that the spending comesin many forms. Infrastructure is one of them. Infrastructure has been found to improve capitalto the induvial and goods to the public, where economic freedom doesn’t reach the samelevel yet. All spending must eventually at some point come from higher taxes or opportunitycost at some point. Opportunity cost is valued by if/what if the recourses was in the privatesector, at the same given time the other transaction/investment took place. By allowing moreKommentert AB1: I think I see your point, but focus onsentence clarity. You reader is a little confused.Kommentert AB2: Individual wealth? Wealth ofsociety?Kommentert AB3: byKommentert AB4: Ford’sKommentert AB5: Gates’Kommentert AB6: iKommentert AB7: ofKommentert AB8: individual – made possible by society.Kommentert AB9: ofKommentert AB10: Hm… Can you supply an example ortwo to make this point clearer?Kommentert AB11: Again, I think I see your point, butwork with sentence clarity.Kommentert AB12: Rewrite…Kommentert AB13: Again, work woth sentence clarity…Kommentert AB14: This is an advanced topic, TorErling, so it is important to make sure that your readerfollows your line of thought… Clarity is the key.Kommentert AB15: Incomplete sentence…Kommentert AB16: Hm…?Kommentert AB17: sector’sKommentert AB18: RephraseKommentert AB19: Hm?Kommentert AB20: does notKommentert AB21: —–Capitalism is better than socialismand faster spending will, yes, make a faster economic growth in the short run. But, will lead tooverspending from the government. Historically, when given the chance, it leads to lowproductivity, and more debt because of the short-term solution.By given the freedom to invest in firms, the stock market or voluntary organizations without theenforcement by the government, will lead a better environment to make investments betweenthe buyer and seller in that investment/transaction. By making restrictions like, export taxes ortariffs agreements is, rather, an inefficiency. With rising the foreign import, causing the localsto try produce a product, where they don’t have any skill sets because of the price for thatproduct is. And if the local manage to make that partially product, that is good enough for themarket. This will lead rather to that particularly product being too much of, which is noteconomically ideal.Giving freedom to the individual rather than the government, is the best definition forproducing wealth. The smaller the size of the government and government spending is vital toproducing economic growth and prosperity to the induvial. The given rights to your property,

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