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In John Kotter’s book ‘Managing Change’, he defines management as a systematic way of making people and technology work proficiently whiles leadership is about creating those systems and looking for opportunities to improve them. Leadership play the role of establishing direction, aligning, motivating and inspiring people. The essential aspect of management includes planning, budgeting, organizing staffing, controlling and problem solving.

A leader tries to tell his team members what they are about to work on and what they are expected to achieve at the end of the day. He goes on to tell the team how to go about the task and the details involved. The strategies he puts in place assist the team to finish the assignment. He also ensures he clears any nuances before an assignment is carried out. This makes members follow his directions wholeheartedly. And I think this is what leadership is about, thus establishing direction. Management on the other hand is concerned with planning and budgeting. They develop objectives, sets targets to be achieved within a given period and stick to deadlines when carrying out the organization’s strategy. They make sure necessary resources are available to carry out the organization’s plan.

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Leadership builds alignment, for instance in my organization, my leader always communicate goals and ideas clearly and this get us more involved in whatever we do. This in effect makes it possible for us to know what we are doing and why we are doing it. It also gets us committed to what we are doing. Management on the other hand, is more involved in controlling and only want to see results. Leaders think outside the box in order to find solutions to problems. Managers on the other hand do things according to the status quo. Managers easily fire employees, but leaders offer employees opportunity for self- development. This is achieved by giving members the opportunity to work on their mistakes

Leadership motivates and inspires. For example my leader has a habit of leading by setting examples for us the members in his team to follow suit. This gives us the energy in carrying out our assigned workload. Leadership gives credit for a job well done and this gets members inspired and energized to get the job done. According to a survey conducted by Bains research, inspired employees are more than twice as productive as satisfied employees. But managers think it is your duty to get the job done because that is what you get paid for. Management is more concern about organizing and providing staffing. They provide the logistics for recruiting new employees to strengthen the human capital of the organization. They ensure people with requisite skills are selected to execute the job. For example when there is a vacant position in the organization, it is management who decide the criteria for selection of candidate. Management also establishes rules and regulations for members to follow. Management set out organizational policies and procedures.

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