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In Pearl S. Buck’s story The Good Earth, Wang Lung is an honorary hardworking man whose goal is to reach happiness and peace. He starts off with the story as a poor family and he ended the story as a changed intellectually. Wang Lung’s traditional views on life has changed by the events and people that impacted him most. The women in Wang Lung’s life are impacting him for the better even with the controversy of the tradition views of women. O-lan, his first wife who in multiple ways is the most memorable and respectable characters in the story. She shows him how to learn respect for women and how the traditional values of women are not tolerable. Without O-lan in his life doing all the heavy labour and taking care of the care of the family Wang Lung would have struggled . Another person who has impacted him is his first daughter who is intellectually disabled and taught Wang Lung to learn to respect having a daughter despite the Chinese tradition on shaming female kids. His first daughter is the only person Wang Lung takes care of during the famine. He feeds her instead of feeding himself: “Only a few of the beans did Wang Lung bide in his own hand and these he put into his own mouth and he chewed them into a soft pulp and then putting his lips to the lips of his daughter he pushed into her mouth the food, and watching her small lips move, he felt himself fed” (Buck 83). Wang lung that learns that women do more than what he could have imagined. These two women in his life has influenced him to learn respect for women and how much they have done for him. In addition, the second event that has changed him is his love for the land and how it has always been one of Wang Lung’s top priorities. Whatever Wang LUng is doing he is constantly thinking about the land. In chapter 11, Wang lung is speaking about his land, “Then there came flooding over him the memory of his land. He had not remembered it once during this strange day, but now the thought of it lying back there, far away, it is true, but waiting and his down, filled him with peace, and so came to his hit” (Buck 104).  It has has helped him with his success and helping him raise his family. Wang Lung has trouble staying away from his land and the whole time him and his family was in the south, he was trying to find a way home. Even when Wang Lung gets older, he moves back to the house on the farm, and when he thinks he is about to die he tells his son that he wants to buried in the same land he lived his life on. As a result these things show why Wang Lung shows so much respect for the land and how the land has affected him. Third, Wang Lung’s journey when from a poor farmer to a rich landowner, this change is clearly through his relationship with the Hwang family. Wang Lung’s wealth has helped him raise all of his kids and family. Even though throughout the story he has used his money for unnecessary things like concubines. As his leisure of time increases, he seems to find problems that draw him to selfish pastimes that drains his money. When the word money was suddenly brought to Wang Lung? mind clarity comes to him mind as if a voice was speaking (Buck 137). At first his wealth lead helping his family out and the farm but then it lead to personal and family moral decline and to him wasting his money.In conclusion, his evolution is changed by how he starts as a poor farmer who enslaves O-Lan then to growing a family, increasing his farm, and strives for success. However, all of those attributes all happened with the women in his life, the land as a priority, and his wealth. Wang Lung’s traditional views on life has changed by the events and people that impacted him most.

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