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In Sparta
Society every class from helots to Spartiates were required to fulfil a very
vital role in securing the warrior state that was Sparta its complete Military
domance over the other surrounding Greek states and all the potential invaders
considering invading Greece. This statement did not exclude Spartiate women.
Spartiate women were tasked with creating healthy, Strong and Superior warriors
to keep Sparta’s Military Supremacy dominate. Besides this very Stereotypical
role that was tasked to all Spartiate women they often held a major role in
managing estates, economics and religious festivals within the Spartan Society.
Archaeological evidence discovered from ‘Artemis Orthia like the ‘Statue of a
young female athlete’ has supported the believed sterotype of that of Spartiate
women as being highly active and visible members of the state compared to their
Athenian and other Greek states counterparts.

Sparta was
often held in often high regards for the very advanced education system called
the ‘Agoge’. This was not held to Male Spartiate Males only, Spartiate Women
were often given the same education and some extra specialized education to
allow them to be prepared for motherhood, manage ‘Kleroi’ (state owned property
given to male Spartiates) and patriciate in most Religious festivals. Young
girls learned there basic literacy
skills while they remained in the care of their mothers at home, these practice
of mental enhancing were reinforced with choral singing, when they were taught
to perform in sing and dance. These Song and dancers were often myths with
strung tighter with strong military story of heroes in battle and Gods. We have
recordings from and ancient poet and composer named ‘Alcman’ who created an assortment of songs called ‘Partheniai’.
Spartiate Women were also required to exercise sometimes even with the boys to
increase their physical nature. This often boosted moral within the population
and it also encouraged equality and competitiveness between the 2 genders. The ‘statue
of the young female athlete’ reinforces this statement that Spartan women were
often very fit and it was very common to see them doing exercise. Spartiate
women were required to exercise and do these educational courses to improve the
possibility of producing a healthy, fit, intelligent male offspring that would
one day be able to fight for Sparta. 

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