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In order to complete the graduation project report, there are chapters that need to be covered to be complete the report so, in this section, we will review the main Chapters in our project:

6.1. Chapter One: Introduction
An introduction stating the problem definition and the project importance for society. in short is the background and planning document for our project and include the followings: Introduction, Problem Definition, Project Scope, Aims and Objectives, Project Timeline, Report Structure, and Summary.

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6.2. Chapter Two: Literature Review
It is an extensive survey of all available past studies relevant to our topic, to introduce a clear studying and solving the problem.
. include the followings: Introduction, Background, Related work, and Summary.

6.3. Chapter Three: System Analysis and Design
In this chapter explains how the project work, describing the design and conducting the analysis in our project by including the followings: Introduction, System Description, Specific Requirement, System Interfaces, and Summary. after the end of the chapter, we should have a clear picture of our system.

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