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In the novel Secret Life of Bees Sue Monk Kidd describes Lily’s and Rosaleen’s relationship as a loving and caring relationship. In the novel they go through some things together that makes their relationship stronger. There relationship goes through the whole book. During the book they are barely separated like in chapter one by Roasleen “How long you keep on those grits?” this shows Rosaleen cares about Lily’s health. Throughout the novel Lily and Rosaleen are taking vare and looking out for each other. They are close because Lily thinks of Rosaleen as a mother. Lily looks at her as a mother because Lily’s mom is dead and she needed a role model of a mother. In the beginning of the novel of Secret Life of Bees chapter one page forty-six Rosaleen says to Lily “Look at you child. Look what he has done to you.” this showed how Rosaleen was worried for Lily because T. Ray punished Lily. Rosaleen never stopped caring for Lily throughout the book like when Rosaleen steps up to T. Ray at the end of the novel because T.Ray wanted to take Lily home and Rosaleen wasn’t going to let him take her back. Also there was times in the novel Lily was looking out for Rosaleen like in chapter one page forty-two “Look what he has done to you.” LIly told Rosaleen this because she was trying to convince Rosaleen to apologize to a white man because Rosaleen spit on the white man’s shoe and Lily didn’t want to see her get hurt anymore. In the novel you could tell Rosaleen and Lily love each other by their actions and all they want is the best for each other. They show how they love each other when Rosaleen or Lily ask if they are okay after getting hurt and being there for each other when they are having a hard time like in chapter two page fifty-eight Lily asked Rosaleen “Is it hurting bad?” Lily asked this because she was concerned for Rosaleen’s well being. Then in chapter five  Rosaleen said to Lily “Oh Lily”, she said and there was a gentleness in her words, like they’d been racked in a little hammock of tencherness down in her throat.”Why would I go and hurt you with something like that?” and this showed Rosaleen doesn’t want to hurt Lily. Rosaleen looked out for Lily throughout the book and Lily looked out for Rosaleen. In the book Rosaleen and Lily have been through things together like when they ran away, having to handle with T.Ray, living together in a stranger’s house. Rosaleen and Lily always look out for each other  like when Lily helps Rosaleen escape jail or when when Rosaleen is in the hospital she helps her escape to go to Tiburon to find out about Lily’s mother and Rosaleen was supportive so she helped. Another time was when Lily stole snuff for Rosaleen because she wanted it and did it for her because she couldn’t buy it. At the end of the novel Rosaleen protected Lily from her father T.Ray because he found out where she lived and wanted to take her back but Rosaleen and a few other women stood there protecting Lily ready to fight for Lily because Rosaleen knew Lily didn’t want to leave. Throughout the book even though they have a loving and caring relationship and they look out for each other it still had it’s complicated times. One time is when Lily and Rosaleen ran away to Tiburon and they are under the bridge in chapter two Lily said to Rosaleen “Well, you are dumb.” I yelled ” You have to be dumb to poor your snuff  juice on those men’s shoes like that. And then dumber not to say you’re sorry, if saying it will save your life. They were gonna come back and kill you, or worse. I got you out of there, and this is how you thank me. Well, fine” this was one of the most complicated part of their relationship. Also when Lily doesn’t tell Rosaleen the truth why they ran away. Although they have their  strong relationship it’s not perfect.

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