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this modern age, it seems almost impossible to avoid being a victim of cybercrime,
with all the advancements in technology which make it easy for someone to
perform cybercrimes. In light of this, there are some ways however to avoid
becoming a victim of cybercrime. Most internet browsers email service, and
Internet providers provide a spam-blocking feature to prevent unwanted
messages, such as fraudulent emails and phishing emails, from getting to your
inbox. However, every user must ensure to turn them on and do not turn them off
whatsoever. Also, users must install and keep up-to-date antivirus programs,
firewalls and spyware checkers. Along with keeping them up to date, users must
make sure that they run the scans regularly. There are many companies out there
that provide free software, but there are other you can purchase, along with
that of the many produced by the leading companies providers; in addition,
those companies provide free version of their paid or subscription antivirus
software. Encryption of information that you do not want anyone to have
unauthorized access to is a good way to avoid some cybercrimes; information
such as password and credit card information for example. Encryption software
runs your data through encryption algorithms to make it unintelligible to
anyone who tries to hack into your computer.

good precaution is to be weary of who you divulge your personal information to.
Try to avoid unknown websites, in particular those that ask for your name,
mailing address, bank account number or social security number. When doing
online shopping make sure website is secure, look for urls that starts with
“https”and/or have the Trustee or VeriSign seal. If you do not see these
anywhere on the site, you run the risk of submitting credit card information
and other personal information to a site that maybe a fraud.

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way to avoid being a victim of cybercrimes is to avoid being susceptible to common
frauds, such as inherences letter, letter asking for your help in placing large
sums of money in overseas bank accounts, foreign lotteries, and phony
sweepstakes. Those mentioned activities are all methods used by cyber criminals
to get your personal information and money. If it sounds too good to be true,
it probably is.

children about the proper use of the computer and internet and make sure to
monitor their online activities at home and school alike. They should only have
access to a computer located in a central area of your home and you should
regularly check all browser and email activity. A wise thing to is to use
parental control software that limits the type of sites the user can gain
access to. In schools, there should be restricted websites and other user
restrictions that will help protect the user and entity from cybercrime.
Likewise, companies should educate and have written policies governing the workplace
pc and its network use to diminish the risk of cybercrime against the company.

            One definite way to ensure that you
don’t fall victim of cybercrimes is to disconnect your computer entirely from
the internet. If there is no network, then you don’t have to worry about any cyber-attacks.
However, this option is not the most viable one in our interconnected society.
The truth is, it is up to you to take the necessary precautions to avoid
potential cybercrimes.

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