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            In this paper you will learn about the rise, fall and
then the current rising of agriculture in the country of Russia. Russia is a
developing country that is located in Eastern Europe and all the way to the
east coast of Asia. North to the North Pole and south to China and the Middle
East. I will also cover different methods of farming along with some of the
natural struggles and man-made challenges they face.


            Russia has had alot of challenges in building their
country. Russia being part of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,
USSR, and also commonly known as the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was a
communist nation where the government owns everything and the people work for
food. During this time the Soviets were a large power in the world with their
military, being part of the Cold War with the United States, but while that was
happening their people back home were starving because of little to no trade,
famine, and government corruption under Dictator Joseph Stalin. Stalin made the
Soviets a world power but at home he starved, murdered his people and took
everything they had including their land. The government had control of all the
farms and they had several families working on the same farm to produce crops.
Most of the time they had to sell everything they grew just to have enough
money for food. When the Soviet Union fell in the late 80’s and early 90’s it
turned into a Federal Multiparty System with bicameral legislative bodys. As of
2016 they had a population of 144,370,000. 73.9% live in urban areas and the
remaining 26.1 live in the rural areas. 1/6th of Russia’s 6,601,700 square
miles can be used to grow crops. 2/3rds of that land is used to grow cereal
grains, mainly wheat, then barley,oats and rye. The other 1/3rd is fodder which
consists of grasses, roots and clover. Because of the Communist background most
of the frms in Russia are owned by large companies with very few small farms
but over half of their vegetable and roots are grown by peasants in villages
with small plots. Russian climate also has alot to do with there crop
production. Russia has the coldest temps outside of antarctica. It also
consists of deserts, tundra, forests, and semi-arid steppes. These factors
along with little rainfall in most of the country cause Russians to grow most
of their crops in the extreme southern parts.

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            The Russians have alot of problems when it comes to
agriculture. One of those problems are their soil conditions. The soil type is
called Podzol then the biggest of those problems is the fact that their soil
has alot of organic matter. With the high amount of organic matter that causes
it to drain poorly which effects growing seasons. Another of the problems is
the fact that Russia is very cold and you can’t grow anything in the majority
of the country because nothing can survive but then where you can grow stuff it
is in bogs and swamps. Without better drainage in this country they cannot
expand there growing area. Russians do not rely on irrigation in most cases to
grow their crops, in most cases it’s too wet. With Russia being a developing
country they do not have as many regulations in place for things like
conservation and chemical use. Russians have very deep topsoil that is very
dense and doesn’t erode as fast as lighter soils so it’s not as big of a
concern to them as it is to some nations. Russians also have very little
restriction when it comes to what types of chemicals can be used to control
weeds and insects. One of the weeds that russians have the biggest problems
with is the Russian Thistle. The Russian Thistle is that it acts like a
tumbleweed blowing around depositing seeds everywhere. That then creates a
problem when it comes to controlling the weed. Russians also have alot of
problems with insects. There have been several cases where different insects
have caused famines in Russia. In the past they have had alot of problems with
Locusts eating all the crops and today they have a problem with a Wheat Aphids.
Wheat Aphids eat the wheat as its growing causing stunting of growth and yield
damage. With having alot of dead plant material in their soil they don’t always
have all the minerals and fertilizers they need to get the best yield. In the
past years they have started importing large amounts of fertilizers and other
nutrients get spread and then tilled into the soil. They have also started
importing hybrid seeds. Those seeds also have coatings on them to help prevent
insects and other diseases from affecting the seeds and being hybrids they have
increased yield and growing potential greatly. They also utilize crop rotations
to help with disease control. When it comes to harvest in some places the are
still using very basic hand tools to harvest and other areas they are using
horses and oxen and then in some other areas on the big corporate they are
using machinery. What people are using to harvest and store crops all depends
on what funds are available to them and what the can access. Some of the bigger
farms have grain bins and silos while some of the smaller farms still use cribs
and piles to store their harvests. They all also have to deal with short
growing seasons with the harsh, cold, climate.


            Russian peoples have always had alot of folk holidays
surrounding important times of the year like harvest, planting and other
religious holidays.these are always accompanied by eating alot of traditional
foods. Traditional foods are made of potatoes, sausages, salamis, and other
root vegetables. They also drink vodka straight and chase it with either whole
pickled herring or pickled mushrooms. It’s also considered offencive if you
don’t drink it straight or refuse to drink it and it’s a sign of weakness if
you become intoxicated from vodka. Russia is considered a developing country
but it is more developed than most because it was once developed and now they
are in more of a rebuilding development. They have store and markets to buy
food and other things they need. A typical family lives in an urban area in
apartments with their families. It is also common for married kids to still
live with their parents. They typically don’t have more than two children. They
marry between the ages of 18-22 and if a woman is not married by 25 she is
labeled. Women are expected to stay at home and do housework and raise kids
while the men go to work and go out with their friends. There diets consist
mainly of sausage, cabbage, potatoes, tea and vodka. Russian children are very
well educated. Citizens of Russia are over 99% literate meaning they can read
and write.


            Another major problem for Russians is infrastructure.
SInce alot of the swamps and bogs are prone to flooding they don’t have bridges
running over rivers instead they just drive threw the river in trucks and other
farm equipment. They will probably never change anytime soon because it is very
expensive to put in bridges and they also have such a large area to travel
through its easier to just bulldoze a path threw. In some places they just wait
till its frozen in the winter to take in supplies to villages.


            I believe that if they continue doing what they are doing
now within the next 10-20 years they will be back to bing a world power this
time without having enslaved the population to build the country. The Russian
people are very tough and strong minded and if they want to come back they will
by themselves without handouts and other countries coming to their aid.

            Russia is a developing country. They are a very developed
developing nation having once been developed. This has caused them to be able
to continue to develop by themselves, not by taking a bunch of aid from
different countries that is just going to be pocketed by corrupt politicians
but instead the Russians are just going to continue to take money from
themselves and lead each other back to greatness. Russians are continuing to
have advances in agriculture and then they will be able to start exporting more
driving the economy up. This will also allow them to feed more people
increasing the population growth rate from the not so long ago negative number.
In the end I believe the Russians will come out on top.

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