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In specific local government, like in Pattaya, the Pattaya Mayor and Councillors of Pattaya led the executive and legislature. Those position are elected based on direct election. The councillors of Pattaya would select 1 assembly chairman, and 2 deputy assembly chairman. Meanwhile, in Bangkok, the executive branch is led by Governor or Chief of Bangkok and the legislative branch is led by Assembly of Bangkok. Mayor and council are elected based on direct election. The council has the responsibility to select 1 chairman of assembly and more than 2 deputy assembly chairman with 2-year term (M.Bernan, 2011). In addition, the Bangkok territory is separated into districts. The government of each district is led by a director of district and the committee of district. Each district is separated into sub districts, and sub district head led each of the sub district (Fumio Nagai, 2009). The Bangkok Chief from amongst the Bangkok metropolitan officers is responsible to appoints the district directors and the sub district heads in Bangkok, meanwhile the citizen are responsible to directly elect the Bangkok district councillor (Fumio Nagai, 2009).
In short, the local administrators are elected by local residents. The electoral term is four years in Thailand’s local governments (Thomas, 2011). A by-election will be occur if a councillor seat is vacant. If a mayor position becomes vacant, a new election for 4 year term will be made. The elections for council and mayors are not necessary must be held on the same date.

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