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In the final year of my Under-Graduate course, I, along with my group members, have completed a project on ‘GPS based ROBOT for target detection and transmitting the location of target’ in which the aim of this project to make the Robot move in a simulated environment, find the target using IR sensor, record the coordinates of the position of the Robot using GPS and finally send these coordinates to the end user using GSM technology. I have also completed a mini project on ‘Automatic Car Parking System’.

These projects and industry experience in IT industry have indirectly inspired me to take up CS for graduation course. Apart from my academics, I have always been an active participant in extra-curricular activities right from my childhood. I have participated in various Quiz and Sports competitions. I have represented my college’s Cricket and Badminton teams in various JNTU-K university tournaments and Inter college tournaments.
From a careful study of department’s brochures and the advice from the faculty, I have realized that your esteemed university can provide me the perfect environment for directing my mental resources towards research. I am confident that my curriculum, research experience will meet the high standards of the university. It would be a great honour for me to undergo my graduate studies at your institute and I am quite confident that I will live up to your expectations.

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