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In The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, the main character Amir has struggled with regret throughout the novel. The events in the alley from that day in the winter of 1975 have consumed Amir with guilt and Amir’s cowardice, his betrayal of Hassan, his sacrifice of Hassan to Assef has left him wandering through life hoping to forget the past which he has found to be impossible. However, when he goes to get Sohrab, the situation Amir is placed when he meets the Talib, presents him with a chance at redemption. Amir sees a chance to redeem himself for his betrayal of Hassan.
When in The Kite Runner, competing for Babas ownership, and placement in the family is key for Amir. Amir, at least in his eyes, see Baba as this perfect figure that everyone looks up too. Winning the kite competition was important for Amir; thankfully he did and even though he thought he had his place locked in now, something went wrong. He ends up hurting his best friend, Hassan, but hopes to find a day to make up for it.

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