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In times of distress, one must be hopeful of better things to come. Hope gives strength and determination to go on, to continue the journey and reach a destination. In the novel Fallen Land by Taylor Brown, hope is shown through the characters as they live in the terrible times of war. Brown attempts to invoke a sense of hope for his readers to remind them that goodness and light can be found in times of hardships and darkness. This message of hope is portrayed through Brown’s novel in the characters and setting. Brown conveys a sense of hope through the characters that are introduced throughout the novel. The characters use their hope as determination to continue their journey and to remind others to be hopeful. As Callum is overwhelmed with all he has lost, Ava attempts to reassure him in saying “‘It’s going to be okay,’… ‘We’re going to make it to the coast. To family. Peace. Away from all this'”(Brown 138). Ava is hopeful in their journey and tries to remind him to also be hopeful. In a small town, a woman knits a scarf for her son, waiting for him to return from war. “They looked back once, both together, and saw the old woman bent yet at her knitting. Her scarf. Her hope.”(Brown 176). This mother has nothing left in the world, but her son and she holds onto the hope she has that her son will finally return to her. At times where hope would be expected to be lost, many of the characters remain strong, always hoping for the best. On many accounts throughout the novel, the characters keep a hopeful mindset despite the harsh conditions they are put through. Brown conveys a sense of hope through the setting of the novel. He is very blunt in telling how gruesome war can be. He shows how people can be evil and horrible, but reminds the reader how some people can be just as kind and good-hearted. As the protagonists make their way to Georgia, they are given help from strangers. Brown shows that help comes in many ways, whether it be a horse, an alchemist in the mountains, an abandoned barn, or even a dead man. “A firestorm raged upon their city of hope… it was like a heart destroyed… ‘The coast,’ she said, ‘We got to keep moving'”(Brown 157-158). When the couple finally reaches Atlanta, they find it destroyed, feeling a bit hopeless, but they know they must continue on. Ava and Callum are constantly met with difficult situations, but they always keep going. A difficult situation may seem like the end, but sometimes it is the beginning of something new, whether it be bad or good. He shows the loyalties of his characters and how people stick together in times of need and trouble. He emphasizes how it is important to always be hopeful in all situations and to continueThe novel Fallen Land is laced with hope from the beginning to the end. The message Brown gives in the novel is still effective today, just as it was in the times of war. He reminds the reader to always have hope, especially when life seems the hardest. He also reminds the reader that nothing lasts forever and that all things come to an end: good or bad. He incorporates the importance of having hope in the characters and setting of the novel.

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