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In this global competitive world, innovations seem endless and continuously developing throughout the years. Having a great impact in our lives, especially in our lifestyles. Nowadays, the youth have different ways and materials to get their selves entertain. Boredom is like the most common problem encountered by youth, especially by teenagers. And one of those entertainment they mostly used to keep their selves entertain is gadgets. Making gadgets to be a common source of entertainment and information.
According to Merriam-Webster dictionary gadget is a small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty. In this generation, gadget has been part of everyday lives of teens including in their studies. We can’t deny the fact that gadgets with the help of internet, is a great help for students learning. One of the most common gadgets that anyone can have is cell phone. It is not only for the riches but even an ordinary person can afford it and does have it (see page 2). A cell phone is a wireless gadget that most people these days used to communicate and for entertainment purposes. These kinds of gadget help students to do their task easier and more . Gadgets can affect student’s school performance in many aspects. Gadgets, has its own negative and positive effects as well. Though it helps us in our assignments and tasks, students can become dependable to gadgets making them careless and seems to make the task undone without the help of any gadgets. They also want to do everything in shortcut. The biggest negative effect of gadgets to student’s academic performance is, when the students became addicted to it and started neglecting school works. Addiction to gadgets also leads students to become sleep-deprived that can affect their performance in school.
Of course, If there’s a down side there’s also a good side. Gadgets are very useful, because they help us to discover and learn new things that we can add-up in our learning. One example of how gadgets impacted education is online education. Through this timely kind of education that can be seen in almost every country education had been easier and innovated. Gadgets is a big part of a student’s life, either it’s for entertainment or academic purposes it always a part of student’s life. Although it is made to make life easier we can’t certainly denied the fact that when misused or overused it can be your own evil that can destroy you academically. Gadgets, has its own negative and positive effects. There are also ways to overcome those negative effects, and make use of ts benefits. (see page 3)

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