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In the epic Beowulf, the main character Beowulf possesses all the qualities of a hero during the Anglo Saxon Era. He demonstrates his courage, loyalty, wisdom, and strength but are these qualities enough to consider him a hero by the standards of today?Beowulf has qualities that strong heroes have but didn’t struggle to get them because he was born with it.  He has many adventures, like fighting Grendel and other monstrous creatures but was very sure of himself. He was born strong. (Lines 35 – 37)”Now there lived overseasIn the land of the Geats, a youth of valiance abounding,Mightiest yest mildest of men, his name Beowulf,” But Beowulf being sure of himself showed how arrogant and boastful he is by speaking to Unferth saying : (Lines 145- 147)”Ha, I know a coward when I see one! Soon,If the King be willing, I shall grapple with GrendelAnd show you what courage means.”However, people today look for a hero that gives them hope and that is admirable because he keeps on struggling to reach his goals. One best example of this hero is the main character Cardo, a police officer, in the television series (teleserye) entitled “Ang Probinsiyano by FPJ.” He suffered a lot of challenges that make him grow as a better man. He experienced downfall during the death of his twin brother Ador and his son Ricky boy. But while he was grieving he’s still protecting other people, doing the right thing and fighting for a good cause as a police officer. Beowulf and Cardo have the same characteristic of being a hero. They both show courage, physical strength, loyalty, self-confidence, and wisdom. However, Beowulf shows his conceited personality by seeking glory only for himself and not giving credits to those who help him in his battles. Beowulf elevating himself above others and collect glory only for himself. (Lines 68- 72)” Strand patient on the headland and watch – this fightIs none of yours. No man can play the hero,Pit his might against the monster – no manBut myself. I shall not yield an inch. My courageSurely shall kill and win the treasure”  In these lines, Beowulf is boasting his strengths to the point of looking arrogant. If modern heroes do the same thing they would look foolish because it is not part of the behavior of a modern hero. Like Spiderman and Batman both strong, courageous, loyal and helpful. These heroes didn’t ever boast their triumphs. They even hid their identity under a mask. They have pride and honor because they received recognition initiated by the people. In spite of that, they remained humble and down to earth. They hid their identity as superheroes and will just appear if people are in need of help. These are the other characteristic of a modern hero that is acceptable today. Beowulf has many things that the Anglo Saxon viewed as heroism but he missed many things that are important for a modern hero.In conclusion,  Beowulf possessed many heroic qualities in the Anglo Saxon era that mere mortals lack – bravery beyond compare, superhuman intelligence, strength or skills and a driving desire to find success. However, he would not be considered a hero in today’s world. Drucker and Cathcart (1994) claim: “A hero varies culture to culture and from time to time.” (p.2)Anglo-Saxons appreciated different things in a hero that we do not appreciate today.  Nowadays, heroes are introduced to people early on in life usually as a fictional character, but as children grow older their perception of heroes alter. A hero not only need to be physically strong, but he also needs to have integrity and moral values who acts without thinking his own benefits. Works CitedJankowski, Connie. Beowulf an Anglo-Saxon Epic Poem.British Library: Gutenberg. 2 Dec. 2017.Web. Drucker, Susan J. and Cathcart, Robert S. American heroes in a Media Age. VNR AG, 1994.Fee, Christopher R. and Webb, Jeffrey B. American myths, Legends, and tall tales: An Encyclopedia of American Folklore3 volumes. ABC-CLIO, 2016.FPJ: Ang Probinsiyano. FPJ Productions. Dreamscape Entertainment Television. 3rd ed. 2015. DVD.

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