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In today society, non-profit organizations have a tremendous impact on how we deal and handle societal issues.  Non-profits represent the people and address the issues that the government tends to overlook. As a result of the success of nonprofits, social services and resources are provided to solve those societal issues in order create a better world. One organization that is very effective in helping community member change lives through recovery support and rehabilitation is the Integrity House. The Integrity House was opened in the mid-1960’s, by David Kerr, a police officer, who recognized the need of support for individuals struggling with addiction that would also meet the needs of formerly incarcerated individuals. Since then, Integrity House has invested in Newark and surrounding areas to helping men, women, adolescents rebuild their lives from the disease of addictions and reintegrating back into society.  As one of the largest non- profit providers of substance use disorders treatment,  the Integrity house has implemented a positive long-term lifestyle change that has been highly instrumental to the epidemic of drug abuse through comprehensive therapy, integrated addictions treatment and residential and supportive housing.Drug abuse is a tremendous issue and is responsible for numbers of problems plaguing society.   In 2005, New York Times reported that drug use cost the United States a staggering $468 billion.  These costs are attributed to disease, crime, accidents, child abuse, homelessness and various other complications. The city of Newark is positioned in between two large industrial markets within Pennsylvania and New York making it very easy for drugs to be imported throughout the city.  The drug scene is rampant in Newark, New Jersey and despite the redevelopment that has brought growth for the city, thousands of individuals continue to struggle with substance abuse which also attributes to the crimes rates that are sky high.  There is a strong correlation between crime and violence and drugs. Substance abuse is linked to various types of crimes including to stealing money or property to satisfy addictions, selling and possessing drugs and organized crime and gangs.According to research, drug law violations are the most common offenses being committed and approximately half of prisoners meet the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders definitions of either drug dependence or abuse and unfortunately, prisons are shown do more harm than good with those who struggle with addictions. However, a rigorous and high-quality treatment that fully addresses underlying issues that are feeding the addiction is best to fix to address these societal issues. Returning citizens who don’t receive proper drug abuse treatments are at a higher risk of relapse to the previous criminal behavior to support their habits. Then they placed at a higher risk of being recidivated into the system of federal and state custody.  This cycle is ongoing in Newark and surrounding areas,  and only with more effective treatment like Integrity House will there be a decrease in drug abuse and criminal behavior.    With rates of drug abuse rising throughout our country, killing the youth, and continually imprisoning millions of people, I can not stop questioning why the government continues to invest our dollars into prisons instead of creating facilities and organizations that will address drug abuse. When millions of parents are taken away from their children and placed in custody, that adds to mental illnesses on top of the disease of  addiction, it does not help the bigger picture;  instead millions of dollars are wasted, those individuals are released then return to the same criminal activities and their families suffer and chances are high that the children are more likely to then become involved with criminal behavior. Integrity House has opened my eyes to understand the major need for more non-profits organization like this one. In order to change anything regarding the societal issues, we as a country, need to address the real problems that trigger whatever that we need to fix. I am glad that Integrity House is a successful example of the tremendous impact that will change lives one person at a time.

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