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In both novels, the relationship between parent and child plays an important role in the development of Robert and Marie-Laure. When Marie-Laure’s mother passes away from giving birth, Marie-Laure and and her father, Daniel, “weathers the storm” by continuing on having a strong degree of love between their father-daughter relationship. Daniel promises Marie that “he will never leave her, not in a million years.” (Doerr 342). Marie’s bond with her father is the most important relationship in her life and she cannot imagine what she would do without him. Daniel always puts his daughter first in any situation. Comparatively, Findley also demonstrates the father-son bond between Robert and his father, Thomas, by carrying out a healthy relationship. This bond is present at a train station before Robert’s departure to war and when “the sight of his father had lifted his spirits immeasurably. And the feel of his father’s hand on his arm had brought back into a world he’d thought he’d lost (Findley 50). His father’s presence and touch reveals his pride and love for his father. In addition, Daniel and his daughter shares many stories and laughs with each other as “Marie smiles, and he laughs a pure, contagious laugh, one she will try to remember all her life” (Doerr 41). This unbreakable father-daughter relationship of sharing stories and secrets in which strengthens their understanding of one another. Likewise, Robert went through war with so much pain and suffering but in the end, “his father got him through it” (Findley 69). Thomas is a mentor and role-model to Robert which influences him to do what he thought his father would do in the situations in which Robert encounters. From the day Marie became blind, Daniel guides her through everything. Later on, when Daniel leaves his daughter, Marie knows that her father will always be with her whether it is in person or in thought and wishes “she could bring him some peace, protect him as he had always protected me” (Doerr 161). Their positive father-daughter relationship makes a huge impact on Marie-Laure’s life on teaching her to be a strong and independent woman. Unlike All the Light We Cannot See, Robert in the end passes away and “Mister Ross was the only member of his family who came to see him buried” (Findley 190). Thomas has an unconditional love for his son and is the only one in Robert’s family that cares enough to see his son go to rest. Without the influence of his father, Robert would not have been such a great war hero to many people. Ultimately, both Marie-Laure and Robert are grateful in having two loving fathers who love and support them through anything. The two characters are able to find the comfort of love and happiness through these significant family bonds.

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