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India and China, being the two largest economies of the BRICS, are the group’s most crucial members. For a long time trade and economics have been the key drivers of their bilateral relationship, while tricky geopolitical issues have continued to overshadow more productive aspects of their relationship at times. Recurrent tension over the issues like Doklam, which is set aside for now, China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, and India’s reservations over the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), continue to remain major irritants in the bilateral relationship. However, during the 2017 BRICS summit the two side displayed significant diplomatic maturity, creating space despite difference for multilateral cooperation on broad range of issues, enabling what was termed as successful and productive summit.97. Notwithstanding the spin used by both sides to justify disengagement, the BRICS summit played a key role in the final outcome as representatives of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa headed for Xiamen in early September 2017. It would have been difficult for India to justify its presence at the summit with Indian and Chinese forces facing off each other at the border. And for Chinese President Xi Jinping, keen on presenting himself as a global statesman, India’s absence would have meant the beginning of the end of BRICS, tarnishing Xi’s reputation in the run-up to the critical Communist Party Congress in October 2017.98. We have seen the fate of SAARC now. It got weakened because of the rivalry between India and Pakistan. In 2017 many countries boycotted SAARC summit in Pakistan. Now, similar is the fate of BRICS because of rivalry between India and China. China has taken a step back in Doklam issue as it thought India might boycott the BRICS summit in China. Rivalry between the two nation India and China if continues can cause a problem for groups like BRICS. But it is also a fact that such groups involve interests of both the nation and both of them would not  want to lose such interests, therefore, it is unlikely to have an end of such group because of certain issues of divergence. However, it is also a known fact that, the BRICS bloc is being driven by these two giants in terms of economy, GDP share and the population represented. Hence, it is evident that without either of these, the very concept on which the grouping was proposed initially by Goldman Sachs report, will definitely cease to exist. 100. Inter member relations play an essential role for any International grouping to be a success. If the members view each other with suspicion and look for ulterior motives behind any suggestion or agenda, it is very challenging to come to a consensus on any issue as a group. BRICS is faced with this very challenge, which prevents it from realizing its potential in the World order.

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