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India is
one of the most suffered countries from diabetes.  Approximately 5 crore people in India suffer
from diabetes, making it a major challenge for the country. It is not just an
epidemic but also an economic problem. In India, it is a multifactorial
problem. Its reasons include genetic factors as well as environmental factors
surrounding a person such as obesity caused by lifestyle changes and unhealthy
diet. The main characteristic of Diabetes is increased sugar (glucose) level in
the blood because of body cells becoming resistant to the action of the insulin
hormone which is made by the pancreas. Insulin keeps the level of sugar in the
blood of a person in control. Though there is no substitute for the proper
medical treatment below one can find 5 natural ways to control diabetes.



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exercise increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It also helps to burn fat
and decrease the cholesterol level. Diabetics are always advised to increase
their physical activity and lose their weight. This is because, when a person
exercise, his body extracts glucose from the bloodstream to meet the energy
requirement, thus causing a drop in glucose level in the bloodstream. When a
person finishes the exercise, the liver again extracts glucose to restore the
energy reserve for the body which further helps in decreasing the glucose level
of the body.

One can
include any kind of physical activity, be it yoga, aerobics, walking, running.


in stress level

A person’s
glandular system gets disturbed by the increased stress level. Diabetes being a
hormonal disorder is negatively affected by increase in the stress level. Change
in lifestyle, meditation, ta chi, massage, relaxation, proper sleep, etc., are
some of the good measures to control and reduce stress.


Change in

One can
control his or her sugar level by making some changes in his or her diet. One
can use the sugar substitutes like sucralose (Splenda), saccharin (Sweet’N Low),
etc. Increase in fiber intake by including vegetables, fruits, legumes
and whole grains also helps
in reduction in sugar level. Following a low-carb diet, including Vitamin E and
magnesium resources in diet regulates blood sugar level.


water and staying hydrated

A study has suggested that drinking enough water helps to
keep the sugar level within control. When the body is dehydrated, vasopressin,
a hormone responsible to retain water in the body, signals the liver to produce
more glucose, which increases blood glucose levels. Thus keeping your body hydrated
is very important. Drinking plenty of water helps in flushing out excess blood
sugar level through urine.


Herbs and
other alternative  treatments

Some natural
treatment like Ayurveda has been found as a very effective way to control
diabetes. Several plants extracts like methi (fenugreek leaves), tulsi leaves
(Basil), neem leaves, Pterocarpus or Vijaysar, Karela (Bitter gourd), Gurmar
leaves (Gymnema) and Amrit (Guduchi) have anti-diabetic properties. They
increase the production of insulin and reduce the rate of absorption of glucose
by the intestine.

These are some
of the ways to control sugar level and control diabetes naturally but as said
above, one should not stop taking medical treatment and should try to include
these ways gradually in his life-style under his doctor’s guidance. 

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