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4.0 is the rise of new revolution of digital industrial technology.3 This revolution
is a transformation that makes it possible to gather and analyze data across
machines, enabling faster, more flexible and efficient processes to produce
higher-quality goods at reduced costs.3 To able gather and analyze data
across machines in an efficient way, we need a RAM that is fast and able to
store big data of the machines. In this way, we introduce carbon nanotube RAM (NRAM).

is an integrated circuit made of millions of transistors and capacitors.4 For
NRAM, is nanotube random access memory, which is based on carbon nanotubes. To
fabricate NRAM, the transistor must be carbon nanotube field effect transistor
(CNT FET). CNTFET is using a single carbon nanotube or an array of carbon
nanotubes as the channel material of field-effect transistor instead using bulk
silicon in the traditional MOSFET structure.5

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reason for introducing carbon nanotubes are due to the limitation of further
scaling down of the dimensions of individual devices in an integrated circuit,
which will defy the Moore’s law. This limitation will cause some problems to
the devices like the associated leakage currents, involve electron tunneling
through short channels and thin insulator films, passive power dissipation,
short channel effects, and variations in device structure and doping.5 However,
when change the channel material in the traditional bulk MOSFET structure with
a single carbon nanotube or an array of carbon nanotubes, these problems will
be overcome.5

is expected to offer high-performance electronic and optoelectronic devices
because it has advantages such as a high electron velocity, a high current
driving capability and an energy band structure with direct transition.8
Besides that, CNTFET is found that it is more efficiency than silicon
transistor. In the research described in the journal Science Advances, the UW-Madison
researchers were able to achieve a current that is 1.9 times as fast as that
seen in silicon transistors.6 In addition, according to extrapolations from
single nanotube measurement, CNT FET should be able to perform 5 times faster
or use 5 times less energy than silicon transistor.7      

is found that is better than current memories like DRAM and flash. This is because
currently memories are either fast (DRAM) or nonvolatile and slow (flash).1 However,
NRAM is as fast as DRAM, nonvolatile and have unlimited endurance.1

is a very fast memory, which can move from position to position in picosecond,
and requires low energy to write and it does not ware out.1 In industry 4.0,
the collection and comprehensive evaluation of data from many different sources
like production equipment and systems as well as enterprise and customer
management systems is very big.3 However, due to high speed of NRAM, more
data can be processed.

is also can work as a storage-class memory, which could work in enterprise
systems, servers or enterprise storage.1 It also could replace or work in
with DRAM in a mobile devices. NRAM will be the first application as a
standalone storage – class memory and as embedded memory.1 In other words,
NRAM can lead us to partner with a number of the world’s largest memory users,
both on the standalone and embedded side.1

4.0 is not just involved in big data, but also involved in automotive and
industrial, and NRAM is very well suited to it. This is because NRAM is resistant
to temperature variations and to radiation.1 The example of application that
will be effected quickly by NRAM are the mobile computing, Internet of Things,
enterprise storage, consumer electronics sector, defense or security,
aeronautics and automotive.2 

of NRAM for industry 4.0 cannot be ignored due to high speed in processing,
nonvolatile and have unlimited endurance to temperature and radiation. We believe
that NRAM is ready to be involved in industry 4.0.      

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