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Infographic Marketing: From Title Selection to Promotion


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An average human attention span is not more than 40 minutes. At this point Infographic Marketing is the best option to promote products and services..

Human brain always seeks something interesting and amusing.

Offcourse, reading tons of text based content takes lots of time and it is not exciting as well.

To keep the customer intact, marketers are using Infographic Marketing  for product promotions.

Although, Infographic Marketing is not an ideal way to engage customers,

But, it is truly functional for brand visibility.

Devdigs, Dallas SEO Company also recommends to implement Infographic Marketing instead of old custom marketing techniques.

How to build Brand with Infographics

Infographics is a blend of following handy ingredients: 

Choice of Topic during Infographic Campaign

Topic should be relevant!

Ensure that the topic you are selecting for your brand is relevant. Choose the topic that your audience really want to know about your brand.

For Example:  Apple promotes its brand by presenting infographics relevant to new mobile versions.

Secondly, don’t forget to follow the current trend.

The topic you select should be in trend.

For Example:  Cryptocurrency is hot topic. if you deals in bitcoin of any other cryptocurrency you should opt this topic for infography.

Another way for building infographics is by conducting research and news.

With Google News, Facebook Trending and Twitter you can opt various topic for infographics.

Before topic selection make sure that it has not been done before.

Topic should be coherent and exciting. Only in that case you’ll be able to capture the attention of your target audience.

There are various types of infographics .

Select the right one. According the taste of your audience.

Example of timeline Infographic

Timeline Infography: Depicts the evolution of certain entity 
Comparison Infography: Provides the comparison between two products
Instructional Infography: Provides the instruction regarding specific  entity
List Infography:  List down information on certain entity
Mixed-Chart Infography:  Depicts data from different charts
Flow chart infography: It explains the sequence of certain entity

Example of Flow Chart Infography


Selecting Information 

Ensure that the sources you are utilizing for building an effective infographics are credible or not.

Take the following points under consideration while designing an inforgraphic of any type:

At least 80% information should consist of  highly interactive visuals
Always select the type of information that provides visualization like stats, graphs and comparisons
Infographic should narrate the story to the reader
Don’t stuff your infographic with too much content. Keep it eye-catching

Drafting Infographic Narratives

Infographic narratives should address these following topics:

Target Audience

Objective of infographics
Subject matter of infographics

Title/ Subtitle

Try to capture the catchy title to grab the attention of target audience.


The introduction of an infography should simply set the tone of the topic.

It should not be lengthy like a blog post. 


It should contain more visuals than text-based information.

Infographics Showcasing All Design Elements



Promoting the Infography

After the successful appealing infographic design its time to promote.

Quick Hack:Build the separate spreadsheet to track the customer engagement across website and different social media.

You can run your infogrphic marketing campaign across different social media platforms. Struggle to keep it on in your own blog post. If you are doing guest posting then put your marketing infogrphics there.

However, it is not sufficient to just hit the potential customers, make struggle to build new customers with the help of interactive infography.

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