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Information system management is clearly at a point where it is set to become indispensable for every business and organizations. Master of Science in Information Technology and Management brings together business and technology in the best way possible. The importance of consumer’s decision making patterns, data collection and management is realized by both big MNC’s and small local business. For an organization, this unique amalgamation of technology and management results in larger profits and efficiency in productivity. Since the beginning, I always had a gut-level passion for business and new reforms, but also have an inclination towards new technology.  I secured 88.91% during my secondary school examination. But soon in 2012, I faced an obstacle greater than any before. I was diagnosed withHodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of Cancer right before my 12th-grade board exams. I asked my doctor if I could give my exams before starting Chemo and he agreed. I went through 6 Chemotherapy cycles and 12 radiations session after which I was fully cured for few months. During this, I managed to score 72.17 %. I however relapsed in 2013 with fourth stage Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a different type of Cancer altogether. But I fought it with high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant where I was in isolation for 30 days.  Ultimately, I did come out victorious and I wanted to set an example and help others by lending a helping hand. So I started with my very own YouTube channel to stay connected and spread words of hope to other survivors and motivate others. I was presented with many awards and accolades by various brands and organizations for this initiative since my channel is the only channel in India which educates about Cancer and how to survive it. If I look back at that moment, Cancer was a game changer for me. Rather than taking it as fall, I took it as a trampoline and jumped right up.  Eventually, I completed my Bachelors in Commerce. My course had a diversity of subjects like Financial Accounting, Business Economics, Computer systemsand application etc. from which I have gained considerable knowledge in the field of business. Later I earned Master’s degree in Public Relations. I secured Gold medal during my first year of Masters. For my final semester, I completed my research work on Role of Public relation in the healthcare sector. Along with studying, I started working with Bandra West Pictures. I was part of their production team and worked for a movie named “CHEF” which was an official adaptation of Jon Favreau “CHEF”. I was the youngest team member. During this project, I realized that I have the potential to plan, execute and communicate which I consider being necessary quality for becoming a manager. My primary objective is to obtain Master of Science degree in Information Technology and Management with the ultimate goal of working as Project manager. I am looking for advancements in my current knowledge and experience. Masters degree would assist me to achieve this objective. I was quite impressed by the curriculum taught at the University of Texas Dallas and I felt it very well meets my requirements. The course offers subjects like Technology and New Product Development, Systems Analysis and Project Management, Data Management and IT Services Management which I feel is a perfect blend of Business management and IT. This syllabus will help me to broaden the skills and knowledge towards the performance of my work. Such an exposure, once supported by a rigorous training in the discipline, will, I believe, stand me in good stead in the achievement of my career goal. The University of Texas Dallas will fortify me with its professional expertise in the major areas of Business Management and Information systems. I am looking forward to learning under the guidance of Prof. Srinivasan Raghunathan and Prof. Young U. Ryu.In addition, the professional work culture in the USA will altogether shape my personality. That is why Ihave decided to study Information Technology & Management. I would like to urge the graduate department to give my application a due considerationfor the fall 2018 intake with possible financial aid.    

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