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INSPIRAL is a research project in England that investigates issues involved in linking virtual (or digital or managed) learning development in education with digital libraries. It looks at technical, institutional and end-user challenges, with an emphasis on the last two aspects, and analyses stakeholders’ and learners’ needs. Its point of departure seems to be how teaching tools can best be supported when creating digital learning development and enriching these educations with the available resources in digital libraries. This tailor-made approach is very much apparent in the ResIDE project where the focus is on the teachers and their courses. These elements can be seen as analogous to the work of reference librarians putting together reserve collections to support the learning materials. The lectures and staff help the student to fully acknowledge about the digital library which gains interest in study and less depression at learning in institution. Another point of view, United States has its own ways by having more macro way of looking at digital library support for development and concentrates on education resources in general. An example of this approach is the National Science Foundation (NSF) national science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education digital library (NSDL) program (Watternberg, 2010). Furthermore, both options there will still be a need for library staff to support educators with respect to the selection of adequate resources for a given course.

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