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Internet Of Things(IoT)is the network of
billions of devices connected to become smart systems of systems through data
sharing and analysis. It enables the offsite monitoring and control of physical
devices,vehicles,home appliances(thermostats,security cameras)and other items
embedded with electronics,software,sensors and network connectivity. It is
estimated that by 2020, there will be 50 billion objects connected to the

With the global population ageing and
the number of chronic diseases on the rise,healthcare services are becoming
expensive and out of reach.IoT can improve the quality,efficiency and
accessibility of treatment.                                                                                     
                   IoT facilitates
a smart healthcare system which features interoperability,energy-efficiency,
low level latency response, mobility and reliability . IoT network will provide
active, real time monitoring of health conditions to alert and remind the users
regarding appointments of hospitals,caretakers and doctors.                          The integration of
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)and Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN)
guarantees a low cost,extensible infrastructure for the identification and
tracking of users and assets.The RFID/WSN provides a low powered,non-
invasive,ubiquitous system that does not require any human intervention.                                                                                                  
Wearable IOT architecture with the capability of generating data trace routes,
facilitates tracking, while preserving privacy and enhancing real time
diagnosis.Image and facial expressions are utilised to monitor patients and
elderly people who have special needs to register their emotional state which
is a crucial factor in diagnosis of diseases like autism, schizophrenia, depression
and bipolar disorder.IoT also provides efficient ways to administer insulin
according to changes in the body, thus greatly benefitting the patients.

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We propose an efficient way to reduce
the hassle of registration at the expense of crucial time during emergencies,
through finger print scanning and linking the Aadhar details of the patient to
prompt automatic registration. All medical records and history of the patient
along with the insurance policies and claims will be made available to doctors
thereby increasing transparency. Additionally, designated family members will be
notified regarding the status of the patient’s condition. Life threatening
delays in emergency ambulances can be avoided by providing real time
alternative routes based on data exchanged by traffic control centres that
monitor traffic congestions .Constant updates of the patient’s condition are
sent to the hospital staff so that necessary arrangements for treatment can be
made, thus saving time.                                                                                                                 

 This paper shows how IoT has revolutionary
potential in significant medical fields, rapidly transforming healthcare and
lifestyle andaltering reality as we know it.

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