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of Things – Briefing Document – Group 46


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Internet of Things (IoT) can be described as a property which can connect any
physical device to the internet, enabling for data to be shared across a
network with the intent to streamline everyday elementary tasks.

Automation – Peter
Lively : 40176669

sub-topic under the Internet of Things bracket which I will be covering will
focus on the recent innovations in Automation. The first and perhaps the most
significant aspect which is attached to automation is the Artificial
Intelligence which has been procured in order to make such Automation possible.
I fully intend to cover this aspect of Automation thoroughly. Following on from
Artificial Intelligence, I will into how AI has been implemented and the recent
trends as a result of its implementation Automated Vehicles/Assembly Lines.
Automation through the Internet of Things can also be seen through Amazon’s
innovation with its Alexa / Echo product, with it being mainly predicated on
Voice Commands eliminating the need for a physical or GUI.

Implications – Maya
Lowe : 40168895

The whole nature of the internet of things is to keep track of
what you’re doing, where you are and how life can be made easier for you… but
not necessarily safer it would seem. IoT sensors collect and store extremely
sensitive data about users, and many flaws in the software of these devices
have been found, yet little has been done to patch them. From fridges to
children’s smart watches, vulnerabilities allowing hackers to access personal
data such as the user’s whereabouts, listen in on conversations and even
communicate with the users have been discovered. This is obviously a huge
breach in personal privacy, and one of the biggest issues to date with IoT. I
will be focussing on the security
implications of the internet of things in my report. 

Architecture – Ellie
Maddox : 40173811

The sub theme I will be
discussing is Architecture as I am interested to research the interaction
between the physical and digital world. There are many topics to cover from
Network Architecture to Cloud and Fog based architectures, as I would like to
see how different researchers view and rate them. I would also like to discuss
the “Web of Things”. From this, I would like to see how this is used to achieve
highly intelligent, complex tasks. I will also touch on the problems with
networking in the IoT, such as the “Basket of Remotes” protocol issue as well
as topics such as Machine Learning. Finally, I will be touching on how
networking is used for communication in the IoT and how different sensors and
actuators used in the IoT have positively impacted our world today.

Benefits of IoT – Melissa
Martin :

The sub topic I am
covering is the benefits that the Internet of Things has provided to consumers
and industries. The incorporation of Internet of Things into our lives is
beneficial to individuals, businesses, and society through the connecting of
devices to appliances and the new opportunities brought. The Internet of Things
is having a huge benefit on the economic market as the predicted value will
exceed £1.9 trillion before 2020.  For
consumers, the Internet of Things is valuable due to its ability to complete
tasks efficiently therefore saving them time and money. I will discuss many
more of these benefits of IoT for the consumers and businesses.

Data & the Cloud – Rebecca
Manning : 40150547

sub-theme I will be covering is Big Data and the Cloud showing how this has
developed from The Internet of Things.  I
intend to discuss how Big Data and the Cloud has become a huge part of our
society for many years now and I want to portray how data sets grow rapidly as
they are gathered by cheap and numerous information sensing Internet of things
such as mobile devices, aerials etc. I will also discuss the impact of the
Cloud and how many companies and business solely rely on this on a day to day

Opportunities in IoT – Adam
Lutton : 40176973

The subtopic
within this project I am covering is Opportunities within the Internet of
Things. Today a lot of the main opportunities of the IoT revolves around smart
home technologies, due to the fact that they are a massive source of revenue
for companies, and ordinary people with little technical knowledge and are now
being introduced and buying these devices in order to help them perform tasks
different within our outside their homes. With IoT, cheaper sensors, highly
advanced AI and more “human” like movements being performed by machines, this
makes automation both cheaper and potentially better than using human workers,
making the idea more feasible, and allowing new opportunities to arise.

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