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Introduction: Infections show a frequent health complication in different age group. Generally we make sure that the attention that they will get is suitable and clearly they will require small treatment. But every so often the response to the infection is insufficient and may result in dysfunction of some organs such as liver, kidney, lungs, etc. this is the disease perceived as sepsis. (Jordi Rello,Maria Ruiz-Rodriguez , Silvia Moyano, 2017)
Case presentation: we are reporting a case of a 42 years old patient African Man who had a weak Immune system. He presented with hyperthermia or Fever (39,9oC), tachycardia, tachypnea, sleepiness, shivering, he had low saturation, a slight increase in BP which was decreasing later on. Due to his signs and symptoms patient was diagnosed with severe sepsis.
Conclusion: They are many things that can cause sepsis such as bacteria, viruses or Fungi and for now there is no particular treatment. Even so recognition and early treatment is very important that one may give the right treatment and rise the likeliness of survival.(Jordi Rello,Maria Ruiz-Rodriguez , Silvia Moyano, 2017)

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