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this era of globalisation, the computerized system is generally applied in the real
estate field. The system operates under the control of software, accepts input and
processes it to produce information which is output.

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There are numbers of data and
information from the real estate market. The analysis for all types of real
estate properties is required for many companies in the real estate areas. The
need to analyse carefully a large amount of incomplete and uncertain data
confirms that a dedicated computer system that would assist a real estate
valuer at every stage of work is indispensable. The use of a computer system
completely changes the valuation procedure because the valuer does not have to
concentrate on correct calculations but focuses on the right choice of market
parameters which can be freely corrected.

Development of a computer system
assisting particular stages of valuer’s work will provide an expert with a tool
enabling the objectification of market parameters. Such a system takes the
evaluation procedure off the valuer’s shoulders and lets the person concentrate
on real estate market analysis, which consequently objectifies the market and real
estate value. The system should maximally automate all processes and must be
flexible, leaving the valuers enough space to use their experience at every
stage of the valuation process.

The purpose of our assignment is to
investigate the application of computerized systems in real estate. The investigation
is more details on the foundation in statistical analysis and model building
which can be further enriched by real?world practice.

The method is by using questionnaire.
We had chosen Azmi Co Sdn Bhd as the company we would like to investigate and
received the information through questionnaire. Besides, the method requires
hands?on computer work that is using the software packages SPSS and Excel to
present the data.

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