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Biology is a branch of science that focuses on life as the ‘bio’ means
life while ‘logy’ is study. Basically, biology is about life study. Human are
totally dependent on green organisms human alone cannot convert the sun’s
energy into forms that are usable by, hence their existence are vital to the
very existence of animal life.

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refer to the total number of species, the variability of their genes, and the
communities in which they live. There are three types of biodiversity, species
diversity, ecological diversity and ecological diversity.

Every single living thing is classified into few classifications. Five Kingdom
scheme proposed by Robert Whittaker
and Three Domain proposed by Carl Woese.
Kingdom Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia. Three Domain, Bacteria,
Archea and Eukarya.

Regarding the topic given, protista is a Kingdom under the Five Kingdom
proposed by Robert Whittaker.
Protista is under Domain Eukarya according to Three Domain System proposed by Carl Woese. Kingdom Protista includes
many diverse organisms that all have eukaryotic cells. Protista may be either
multicellular or unicellular and occur as either colonies or filaments. Modes
of nutrition are photosynthetic, photoautotrophs, or absorption of food in
solution. Some of the Protista is non-motile and motile. 

Kingdom Protista divided into two informal classification Algae and
Protozoa. Algae have two major phyla. Chlorophyta (Green Algae) and Phaeophyta
(Brown Algae). For Protozoa have four major phyla. Rhizopoda (Amoeba sp), Apicomplexa (Plasmodium sp), Ciliophora (Paramecium sp) and Euglenophyta (Euglena sp).

This research focus on Protista, hence the writing will discuss the
importance of Protista as food sources more focusing on seaweed or known as
purple laver (nori)


Kingdom Protista: Brown Algae- Nori


The seaweeds need to be rinsed to remove the salt from them before using
them as livestock feed in the Europe and elsewhere. Instead in Asia, they
processed the seaweed into eatable, there were used in many gourmet. Especially
in Japan, the developed a technology produced acetic acid through fermentation
of the seaweeds.

Red seaweed (Nori) appeared in both American and Asian waters. It was
used extensively in food, especially in Asian. Since the usage of Nori in japan
is much extensive compared to other Asian country, it is cultured on nets or
bamboo staked set out in shallow marine bays. The qualification to harvest it
is when the thin, crinkly, gelatinous blades are around 2-3 inches diameter.



Seaweeds is a sources contains a great diversity in dietary fiber, as it
contains high proportion of soluble dietary fiber which could lead to
disadvantages to starch digestion consequence may have modify glycemic response
and it is beneficial in human health.

Seaweed is anti-tumor and potent antigen toxic promoting Japanese edible
seaweed, Entheromorpha prolifera or
known as Sujiao-nori in Japanese.
This Nori, previously identified using in vitro cell culture by Y. Okai, K.
Higashi-Okai S. Nakamura, Y. Yano, S. Otani, Cancer Lett. 87 (1994) 25-32). 

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