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name is Pav. I am student at George Brown College and my course is
Hospitality-Hotel Operations I love leadership and I have a
course named as leadership and group dynamics so it matches to my goal . I
really loves and enjoy this class because it gives me much knowledge. After my
graduation I would like to join any group or organization to become a good
effective leader, and would like to spend my all money on such type of goal.  My assignment is all about leadership so, it
include everything which comes under leadership. The agenda of my assignment is
introduction, what I learned about leadership and about myself in first six
weeks of leadership class,  personal
action plain include what I will start, stop and continue to become a good
leader and good follower and appendix include all my score if self-insight. 

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    What I learned about leadership and

learned about leadership and followership in six weeks of this course that leadership
and followership are both important for an organization or a group to get
success. Without a good leader and without good followers a group cannot work
properly. A leader want respect from their followers and followers want respect
from their leader. Sometime it is important for a leader to leave their
followers for independent thinking to contribute their work in group,
development for their own skills or mind, handling stress, importance of time,
value if hard work and improvement of other essential skills. In an
organization or group the work of a leader is divide the work, motivate their
followers, give right direction to them and the work of the followers are to do
work given by their leader, give different ideas that how this work can done in
easy or in right way They both play an important role in a group without
followers or without leader a group cannot exist. They have to work together
and cooperate with each other. There are some qualities of good lender and a
good follower:

Good leader:

Honesty: In my point of view honesty is most important quality
of a leader. People like to work with honest person and me also. If the leader
of a group is honest with everyone then his followers will also honest because
the followers are influence with the image of their leader and the followers
will honest with their leader. If the leader is not honest then the will also
dishonest with their leader, group will not get success, his followers will
leave his organization.

Inspiring: The leader should be inspiring. In a organization
there are some goals which take long time and need lot of hard work to get it
so, in that type of situation leader have to inspire his followers to get the
goal. Without inspiring the follower’s energy will decrease and loss the desire
to get the goal. So, leader have to inspire and give the energy to his
followers through his powerful speech.

Creativity: Creativity is the another quality of a leader which
play an important role to become a good leader. In our life we face many
problems. Some problems solve in direct way but with some problems need
creativity to solve it. So leader should be creative, because organization is a
group of people, with more people more problems are come which need creativity
to solve and satisfied to all group members.

Good Follower:

Responsible: A good follower should be a responsible person. He
have to know his work in a group and follow the leader’s instructions. He have
to help other people in his group to solve the problems and do hard work as he

Lifelong learner: learning can make good follower to better follower
because with learning everyone get knowledge. In the role of followership it
helps to become a good follower because with learning, the mind become sharp
and help the leader to getting new ideas and he will able to give knowledge to
other group members.

Flexible: A good follower have to be a flexible person because
in a group there are different type of work in different situations so, if the
follower is a flexible person then leader can give any type of work and he will
able to do it at any time. Flexible person adjust himself in any type


                       What I learned
about myself

are many number of things that I learned about myself after this class like:

In a group there must be a good advisor. A good advisor can give better way to
do any work or the to solve the problem so, I also give advice to my friends
regarding assignments,  how to cook and
so on. A advisor should be trustworthy that people can trust him that he is
giving right advice to us and my friend trust me that’s why they take my advice

Ready to take tasks: I learned about myself  that I always ready to take tasks like
whenever I have make group to make group assignment I am the first person who
says ‘please give me my part’ so, I can start as soon as possible and complete
it on time. Everyone like to who always ready to do work but no one like who is
lazy or avoiding work.

Dividing work:
The main thing in group is doing work. We make group to reduce our work so, we
divide our work equally but some people are failed to divide work equally. I
learned that I can divide work because I had group assignment then I divide my
and my group members work equally. They were happy that they all got equal
work. In that situation I come to my this ability.











                   PERSONAL ACTION PLAN

become even better in both team leader and team member roles, I will START
doing the following:

More friendly: First of all I
will become a more friendly person because with friendly person we create a
good bond very easily and quickly. We also like to share the solutions
regarding with any type of problem but with rude person no one want to work.

Punctual: Right
now I am not punctual but I will  be
punctual because time is the most important thing in everyone’s life. If it
gone, it will never come back. When we are working in a group we have to
punctual in group we have work together at same place and at same time.

Good learner: I
will be a good learner because I usually forgot things so, I will sharp my own
mind and start to learn more about leadership and followership. It will help in
any group activities because in group we work together and share our ideas and skills
so, I can learn that thinks.


STOP doing the following:

Anger: Firstly I will
stop doing anger. Usually I anger on my friends when they joking on me. When I
said please stop doing it then they crack more jokes on me so, at that time I
become too anger but in group its ok for such limits because enjoyment is also

Rudeness is another bad thing in me. I am not rude at all time. There are some
situations like pressure on mind.  When I
have pressure on my mind I become rude and speak loudly so
I will become friendly person at all situations.

Delaying work: Some
people have the habit to delay work on next day and I have also that bad habit.
It is ok for individual but in a group it is very bad. We cannot delay our work
because in group there is lot of work to do and the person who delay his work
no one like him in a group. It create a bad image of our on other group



CONTINUE doing the following:

Cooperation: In
a group there are different type of people who have different behavior, ideas
etcetera so, we have to cooperate with them and they have to cooperate with us.
Without cooperation a group cannot run properly

Giving respect: Every person need
respect from other people. If we give respect to the then they respect us.
Without giving respect we cannot get respect. In group we have to work with
giving respect to our group members otherwise there will be fights in group.

Hardworking: Hardworking makes
individual or a group successful. Without hard work we cannot achieve anything
in our life. Every success needs hard work like if it in college, business or
in any field.

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