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            National Transportation Safety Board
(NTSB) is a United State (U.S.) agency for educating and promoting safety. They
provide safety rules and regulation to all transportation for U.S. such as aviation,
railroad, highway, marine, pipeline and hazardous material safety for the U.S.
NTSB was founded in the late 1967 by an Independent Safety Board Act determine
to conduct accident investigation and implement safety rules and regulations by
evaluating them.

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public actions and decision accident report, NTSB studies their accident report
and conducts special investigation to implement safety standards through U.S. to
prevent any further accidents. (Sky
Brary: National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), 2018)



            NTSB is such an experience accident
investigation agency, that foreign agency calls NTSB for their expertise and
knowledge to assist for the investigation. The accident that NTSB chooses for
investigation is not just an ordinary accident but is selected for the purpose
of implementing it into reports for it to be used for studies for future
engineers about aviation safety and as well as inventing new ideas and projects
to prevent such accidents again.  


to manpower for NTSB, it is not possible for NTSB to investigate every accident
therefore aircraft accidents are separated into four categories range from
major investigation to limited investigation. Major investigation are conducted
in cases that involves large airlines or terrorism and as for limited investigation,
is mostly for light aircraft accidents that is reviewed by NTSB to investigate.
If the accident in huge NTSB as a special code to call “Go Team” that is a
group of people to rush to the crash site and assist in the investigation ASAP.
After all the investigation is done, all officers whom investigated has to
write a report and submit to NTSB for reviewing and for NTSB to compute a
finalize report that then will be shared with the public and companies or even
aviation schools for educational and training purposes. NTSB also makes a
safety recommendation after an accident finalize report to prevent such cases
again. This safety recommendation are then implemented in agency such as
Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), aircraft manufactures, airlines and air traffic
controllers. (Houston, 2017)


Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Party Process

allows others organisations and corporation to the investigation that provides
experts engineers or officers specialized for investigations are the ones
granted permission to the accident investigation especially those whose
expertise provide great help to the Board that shows technical and specialized
skill set. (The Investigative Process,

of the aircraft related personal can just enter investigation of the accident,
such as aircraft manufacturer, airline or the state of accident. All of this
does not have the right to join the investigation for the NTSB unless the
organization or personal is invited for it stated under the NTSB rules. (Dombroff,

the end of the investigation, all officers reports back to NTSB chairman for
preparation of a final report with each officer or engineer being asked to
explain their report stated why is it and how it everything related to the
accident before NTSB release it to the public.





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