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            APA stands for American Psychological Association. APA is a standard of scientific writing developed by social and behavioral scientists. It was first written as “standard or procedure, to which exceptions would doubtless be necessary, but to which reference might be made in cases of doubt” (Bentley et al., 1929, p. 57). APA style is followed in writing term papers, research reports, case studies and many others.

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Manuscript Structure

Manuscript structure of the APA style is diving the writings into different sections such as title, abstract, introduction, references etc.


            The formatting in APA style is having keen observation in the mechanical details such as line spacing, margins and page headers. Few format rules presented in the APA style are double-spacing the entire manuscript; indent the first line of the paragraph by one-half inch; align text to left-hand margin leaving a “ragged” right margin. It also contains the order of the page alignments such as title page being the first, abstract as the second page and so on. All the references will be at the end of the paper in a separate page.


            Headings are the keywords of the documents, which helps the readers to understand the document clearly. APA style of writing has five different types of headers starting from level 1 until level 5. Each level of heading will have a different format. Just by looking at the format, users can capture the type of heading in the paper. For example, level 1 heading is a centered, boldface, uppercase and lowercase heading. In a paper or report, which is written using APA style, the headings will be occurred consecutively in an order like level 1, level 2, and level 3 so on.

Writing Clearing and Concisely

            APA style prefers the paper to include main points and concentrate on the specifics of the page. Mentioning references only when required. Any gratuitous content is not appropriate in the APA style writings. In addition, labels must be very sensitive, as APA, style needs the user to use only the preferable names and acknowledging the participation is another important feature of this style of writing.

Citing References 

            Cite is the work from done by others which is related to other persons work. It uses the author-date citation. For in text citation the publication year follows the author last name and for any quotation made by the author, page number follows the author name and year. If there are more than one publishers the author names will followed in the alphabetical order.


            The reference list consists of the sources you used to for submitting the person’s work. It is a mandate to have all the citation as part of the reference list. Each reference consists of name of the authors, date of publication, title of the work and data. Books, podcasts, journal article etc. comes under the different type of reference we use. Each type of reference has a specific format to mention it. 

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