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Alopecia is a commonly found autoimmune disease. It targets all the age group. Hair has a role in looking handsome or beautiful. Most of them become victims of this disease. Medication is available, which highly target the disease. Propecia is one such popular medication. This medication is used to treat male baldness. It is effective for the middle and crown region of the scalp. It is a treatment for adults only. This medication decreases the natural body hormone(DHT) to increase the hair growth and meanwhile slower the hair loss.

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Evolution of Propecia

Propecia has a generic name called Finasteride. The pharmaceutical company Merck developed Finasteride for prostate related problems. Since this drug had FDA approval, Merck explored the possibility of treating the male baldness. In 1997, FDA gave approval for 1mg of Finasteride for the treatment of propecia.


Treatment of Alopecia

While taking the pill Propecia, follow the prescription. Do not take it, larger than recommended quantity and for a longer duration. Drink a glass of water, while taking this pill. Take the propecia at the regular time of the day. One can take this pill before consuming the food or after having the food, so there are no concerns with these methods. To meet the expectation, without the benefit of the doubt, one should take the pill regularly. It is advised to take this medicine for the duration of three months or more for guaranteed results. If you have not achieved even a fair result of improvement in your hair growth and reduction in hair fall then there is no point in continuing the medication. In this condition, it’s for your own good that-Don’t stop taking the medicine and visit the doctor for further advice. If you stop the medication, after 12 months, chances exist that, you might lose the hair, which you have gained over the period of 12 months.

One of the efficient methods to track your progress is to test your blood often. This helps to keep the things in touch with whether it is beneficial to you or harmful to your body. The doctor also checks you for the sign of prostate cancer. Never get up too quick, from lying or sitting position, so that you don’t feel dizziness. No worries of a serious problem, in case of Overdose-Seek medical assistance. Don’t forget to visit the doctor on regular basis. Make sure you follow this golden rule- Store the medicine away from heat, light, and moisture at room temperature. Always close the propecia bottle tightly, after you use it.





Precautionary measures

Child and woman should forbid consuming Propecia drug. Finasteride has an ability to get absorbed through the skin. Woman and child should never handle Propecia drugs and they stay away from the vicinity of Propecia. The following problems must be reported to doctor, during the diagnosis of your baldness, so that the further medical complication could be avoided.

·         Diagnosed with liver disease, or abnormal reports after testing liver enzyme

·         Diagnosed with prostate cancer

·         The muscle of the bladder should be free from disorder

·         The structure of urethra should be free from suspicion

·         If you encounter any sort of problem to urinate

·         if you faced any problem like an allergic reaction to medicine like dutasteride(Avodart), as this medicine is similar to Propecia.



Propecia can help the victim to fight against the loss of hair. It is a real deal in the market and a boon to your normal life. Following are the benefits of Propecia.


·         Prevents the premature loss of hair

·         Aids in regrowing the hair naturally

·         Helps to regain your Self-Esteem

·         Promotes in development of strong and Healthier Hair

·         Boost your Confidence and increases your social engagement

·         Boosts your Intimate Relationships

·         Repairs the Damage to the hair follicles

·         Helps to shape your appearance by restoring your hairline

·         Controls the DHT level in the Scalp

Everyone responds to the medication in a different way. You might come across people who have great improvements in the condition of their hair loss. This medication is out on the market for the longer period and it has undergone several clinical trials. After the extensive research on this drug, the result has been promising so far. This medication is a best possible solution for hair enthusiasts.


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