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is  the  most 
largest  country  in 
South  America  it 
is  the  fifth 
largest nation  in  the 
entire  world.  As the home of the acclaimed Amazon
rainforest, as well as the Brazilian highlands and vast stretches of coastline,
this South American country continues to impress visitors in its natural
splendour and complexity. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the entire
world . Both in terms of area and population, and occupies almost half of the
entire South American continent. The coastline stretches 7491 kilometers or
4655 miles and continues to be a major tourist attraction for the country. The
shore is made up of mangroves, lagoons, dunes and spectacular coral reefs.
Brazil has claims to the following islands; Frenando de Noronha, Rocas Atoll,
Saint Peter and Paul Rocks, Trinidade and Martim Vaz islands. Brazil has
borders with Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guianci, Guyana, Paraguay,
Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. In fact Chile and Ecuador are the only
South American countries with which Brazil does not share its border. As a
country it’s split into five official regions; namely Central-west, Northeast,
North, Southeast and Southern Brazil. These are then split into 26 states and a
Federal District. Some of Brazil major cities are São Paulo, Rio de, Fortaleza,
Salvador, Brasilia, Manaus, Curitiba, and Pôrto Alegre. Brazil is a land of
extremes, from exotic wildernesses to bustling, modern mega-cities. The fifth
largest country in the world in terms of land mass, Brazil boasts an
unparalleled range of natural treasures, including islands, beaches, the Amazon
River, the rain forest, untouched archipelagos, and stunning mountains ranges,
each supporting a rich variety of unique wildlife and flora. The food,
architecture, art and culture of Brazil are rich in tradition, and have many
exciting surprises in store for visitors. When you next visit this South
American country here are eight of the most famous landmarks in Brazil to
consider visiting, in order to make sure your visit will be unforgettable;
namely Teatro, Iguazu Falls, Copacabana Beach, Itaimbezinho Canyon, Sambadrome,
Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, Cathedral of Brasília, and Christ the
Redeemer. Brazil has a population of over 200 million people. Because of its size
and immigration, there are several different ethnic groups living in the
country. These groups are the result of European, Asian, African, and Native
Americans combining to create new ethnicities.

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    Brazil was discovered in the 1500s the
communities of people living there as long as 8000 years ago. The only
traceable humans beings were nomadic and semi-nomadic people who came from all
parts of Asia. Some of the people that was discovered was called Indians and
they were from Portuguese. They had to cross the Pacific Ocean to get to South
America. Brazil is known to have a federal republic. It has 26 states and each
state has its own elected legislature and they also has its own governor. For
Brazil their legislative body is the National Congress that is composed of
chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate. The deputies are elected on basis
of the population and they terms for 4 years straight. They elected 3 senators
from each state and they can only serve for 8 years. Brazil had lots of wars
but only 2 was major. From 1822-1824 there was a Brazilian war of the
Independence and Confederation of the equator. The Brazilian war of
independence was against Portugal. The Confederation war was against
Confederates. Brazil also has a lot of achievements such as the FIFA Futsal
World Cup they won in 1989,1992,1996, and 2008. They also won 12 times at the
FIFA Soccer World Cup they won in
1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007, and 2008. They
also are known to have the best music.



    Throughout South America music is the heart
of the country. Music of Brazil encompasses various regional musical styles
influenced by Africans they discovered music in 1888. Brazilian music also
developed some unique and original styles such as Samba, Bossa Nova Sentanejo,
and so many more. Samba music is undoubtedly the best known. Samba has become a
symbol at the Brazilian nation and its people. Samba has a rich African style
mixed Portuguese and Indian influence. Bossa Nova is a genre of Brazilian music
that developed and was popularized in the 1950s and the 1960s. Today Bossa Nova
is one of the best-known Brazilian music genre. Bossa Nova has a lyrical fusion
of samba and jazz. Bossa Nova also has a meaning, it can mean new trend and new
wave. Sertanejo is a style of music that had its origins in the countryside of
the Brazil that started in 1920s. It’s one of the most popular music styles in
Brazil. Since the 1990s Sertanejo was the most played music on the Brazilian
radio. Brazil music is filled with passion sentiment and joy their music also
plays a big part of their festivals. Brazilian music was brought by the
slavered  people from several nations of
Africa with their frenetic rhythms and instruments.


                               Brazil’s Sports

 Brazil is known for their sports. Sports in
Brazil are widely practiced and popular in the country. Brazilians are heavily
involved in sports. Football is the most popular sport in Brazil. Brazil’s
National football team has won the FIFA World Cup with a record of 5 times in
1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. Brazil also hosted the 1950 and 2014 World
Cups being the only country in South America to do so. There are many other
sports in Brazil such as Footvolley which was created in the 1970’s. Footvolley
is a mix of football and volleyball. Players must use their head and feet to
get the ball into the net. Sounds complicated which leads me to the next sport,
basketball. Basketball in Brazil is their third most popular sport. Their national
basketball team has won the Basketball World Championship twice which was in
1959 and 1963. Brazil has a very tropical and subtropical nature of climate
which made them unable to traditionally compete in the Winter Olympics.
Brazilians are very good at what they play in their country.    



  Brazil seems to be a very energetic place to
be in as I researched. At first I only picked Brazil because it was the first
country to come to my mind but now I see that I made a good decision. I’ve
already knew that Brazil was known for most of their sports, but learning about
Brazil’s top sightseeing places really gave me a buzz. As I was researching I
came across a beautiful place called Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro which is a
beach in Brazil. This beach have very clear blue water and nice tan sand which
seems like a very relaxing place to visit. I hope one day that I would be able
to visit Brazil instead of having to look at it on google.





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