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Land rover is a luxury maker of a 4-4 vehicle, they have a
fleet of vehicles from ranges rovers to land rovers also some sport versions of
the car. The company that owns this is jaguar land rover. The company was
founded in 1922, they started to produce their cars in the UK from luxury
saloons and sports cars. Jaguar land rover brings together highly prestigious
British car brands, around 1945 swallow sidecars changes its name to jaguar and
reveals its first high performance engines being produced into the company. In
2008 the company was established when tata motors acquired the jaguar and land
rover businesses from ford, (Landrover
Website, no date)
(jaguar history,
no date)

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Jaguar land rover, mission statement is to be a shining
example of a truly modern ‘intelligent’ business. An organisation which will be
highly operative at mixing both long and short term economic, “We will continue
to lead the way by investing heavily in global CSR projects and improving
efficiency across all our operations” quote from CEO.

At the year 2009, Jaguar land rover reported a net profit of
55 million, this was possible because of all the new models the company has
released in the year 2009, This includes the all new jaguar XJ, which was
reported a striking sales figure for the company and has gained them popularity
just by realising that model of the jaguar. (Jaguar Land Rover, the company
also secured financial loans for the company to come up with new technologies.
“This includes the GBP 340 million loan from the
European investment bank and the GBP 175 million loan from the state bank of
India (” (Jaguar Land Rover, 2014a)(sales, 2017)

Pest Analysis

Political factors for jaguar land rover is that they have a
loyal customer base, they make sure that their customers receive the best
product possible, whereas this makes the business to have a strong reputation
and trust to its loyal customers. Also, the jaguar land rover has a strong
political motivation for globalization. Also securing a loan from the European
investment bank, The company Tata has flipped around a demand for loan from the
UK Government (Heery and Noon, 2008)

 The economic feature
that the company holds is that the brand has a strong technical skill and a
strong export base meaning if there’s people that would like to purchase a
fresh car from overseas they are able to buy it, and have it delivered to them
which makes the company be known worldwide. also, some of the new models
include a strong infrastructure links which helps the consumers because the car
could have a navigation system on it which would be suitable for people that
need to go to A-B without knowing a certain route.

Social for jaguar land rover is that they have an adaptive English-speaking
population where they must keep track of what the customers like, Jaguar land
rover have a lot of customers that are living a luxury lifestyle, so they need
to maintain a luxury brand in the vehicle, where it would make the consumer
feel a certain type of way on how nice the luxury company brand is.

 Technological plays a
major part into the company because the company is known for its
technologically superior cars. They were the first company to invent the
concept of aluminium body in their cars, each new generation the company
becomes more capable, more efficient, also more intelligent.

Legal Factors, Jaguar Land Rover is spending £800m over five
years to extend technologies designed to drop tailpipe CO2 Emissions, which is
set to have a 25% Improvement Set by the European union, around 2010 Jaguar
Land Rover planned to launch a smaller vehicle model for its consumers, but
this will also help because the fuel economy will be improved.

Porter’s Five
Forces Analysis

The new launch of the jaguar XH involves high capital
investment to develop the making of the new car generation which makes it
environmental friendly and set to aim a certain segment of the market. The risk
for this is that if there is another company that is trying to imitate the same
manufacture of the vehicle. The ideas and knowledge that its gives to its
competitors advantage its hydrogen-based which creates a barrier to entry.
Product differentiation, the new products must be different to the other model
ones, the company offers a new set of attributes for its luxury cars which
makes it different. When a new product is launched it is essentially a
well-connected distribution of the products is made to have the motor cars
going from country to country.

Consumers, the cost should never be switched over, because
the bargaining power of buyer is low which makes the barriers to new entrants,
so there is no addition of buyers, the image that the jaguar land rover have is
that it’s a company that manufacture for premium luxury cars. Ability to
substitute, price brand, the threat that consumers will switch is in a very low
risk, the efficiency of having customers buy this product is high because of
the attributes that the car have to offer and the good quality of the premium
luxury car.

Competitive rivalry: the competitors in the car industry
which appears to be in the same sector as the jaguar land rover are BMW AND
Mercedes in Europe, Lincoln and Cadillac in the U.S., Therefore if the motor
fails in the market it will not be easy to exit it because of all the huge
investment that it paid off for the capital investment, to improve the next
generation the company must make sure that there is an improvement to further
the quality of the motor luxury car.


Jaguar land rover is a popular brand among luxurious cars,
they have been able to create their own pathway to success and have created a
very good brand image to represent themselves. They have a very skilled
workforce, meaning that all of the employers of the company have to make sure
that they produce a car that is very attractive to their customers, Also the
ownership of Tata comes with a great pride and years of legacy, which is good
for the trust factor and reliability that flows through all of the Tata
companies that is owned by them, Weaknesses of jaguar land rover is that they
need to increase the number of products that it and bring in a new variant to
attract the already existing customers, The jaguar land rover is very popular
around the UK markets as they are established there, But in other Europe
countries they are not that popular, So they still got a lot to do to develop
the company’s popularity all around the world. Although there were some
technical issues with the manufacturer in the past where they had to recall the
product as there was an issue with the corrosion protection. Opportunities,
hybrid technology is the new future for its products, but they need to start
this ASAP, also jaguar must reduce the emission of CO2 and other particulates
to show a goodwill. Threats, jaguar has a strong competition with major car business
such as, Audi, Maserati, these cars are in the market already and are luxuries
cars where it has the same target audience. Also, the raw materials are rising
the price so it may be expensive to spent on raw materials.(Landrover
Website, no date) (Jaguar,
2017) (jaguar
materials, 2017) (product,
2017) (Graham Ruddick, 2011)

“Between 2007 and 2014/15 we achieved:

25% Reduction in our European fleet average tailpipe
CO2 emissions. (Ahead of schedule)

30% Reduction in operational CO2 emissions and water
per vehicle delivered. (Ahead of schedule)

79% Reduction in manufacturing waste landfilled per

100% UK Manufacturing assembly CO2 emissions offset
(For all jaguar vehicles built since April 2010)”

rover performances, no date)

Position strategy

As you can see the Jaguar Land Rover position themselves as
a high performance, so the two main attributes that the company contains is
that its highly prestige and it has a high performance but in the radar of the
perceptual map it is somewhere around the top where you can see other luxury
companies that are ahead of them, but it’s still ahead of a lot more other
companies, the pricing for the jaguar land rover is not compared to the price
that Lamborghini charge but it’s still in that section of being a luxury brand,
although they manufacture their cars in the UK which makes Britain the biggest
car manufacturer for jaguar land rover for the second year from 2016-2017, (jaguar
manufacture, 2017)


From this diagram you can see that jaguar land rover is in
the content of high prestige and high-performance motor vehicles, which shows
that the positioning for this brand is that it’s luxuries, also you can see
that they have a large majority of competitors that are in the same level or
higher than the company itself. Jaguar land rover need to position themselves
in a certain level where they know they could do better than their competitors,
also need to visualize a new technologic feature to the market. Also, they
produce a large majority of vehicles every year.






(Npeterpham, 2014)



(Annual global
profit before tax of the british brand jaguar land rover, 2015)


Ansoff Matrix

Jaguar Land Rover method to the marketing penetration is
that every time they come up with a new model of the Jaguar Land Rover, They
need to make sure that they gain the customer awareness, meaning they gain
something new into the market where it hasn’t been shown before, What Jaguar
land rover need to do, they could increase the market by lowering the prices
off the vehicle and also having new models lowered prices which will make the
competitors decrease they’re market as well since Jaguar land rover is a luxury
car company. Statistics show that from January 2014 and September 2017, Land
rover holds a bigger market share as Jaguar. (Cross, 2014)

The development of Jaguar Land Rover is that they want to
double size of Uk Research, the company have invested £3bn into new facilities
and technology this year, as the company expands, Over the period of five years
the company has increased its employees dramatically by employing more than
30,000 new employees to the company, Tata motors planned to boost its capital
levels. Also, the company also want to make the technology of the new motor
cars with electric motors because this will reduce the amount of pollution that
is being sent to the air, also investing into new skills which will continue a
successful company in the future for Jaguar Land Rover. (Tovey, 2015)

Jaguar Land Rover develop their products by ensuring that
the car is publicised as a luxury brand because most of its customers are loyal
to the luxury of the brand and like how it is different to other motor
vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover ensure that the interior is from a high class
Italian leather to the finest grain American hardwood, also the performance of
how the car functions and the certain engines that it holds, Jaguar Land Rover
have the most experienced team in the UK which they have to make sure that the
brand is always standing out as an iconic luxury brand from having everything
inside the vehicle has to be perfect. Vehicle engineering is a key technical
department for the product creation process, they need to make sure that the
characteristics of the vehicle is unique and to a standard of a luxurious
person, they need to make sure that there customers are delighted and also safe
to be driving the vehicle. (engineering,
no date)

Jaguar land Rover is viewing to invest 78% of its revenue
from the Luxury brand, It wants to create new products and technology and
manufacture capacity, Also Jaguar land rover CEO, said they will begin to sell
its I-PACE electric powered sport vehicle next year, and they already have
gained 25,000 orders for the certain vehicle. 
(Jaguar Land
Rover, 2014b)

Jaguar Land Rover Social

Jaguar land rover is committed to growing their business
responsibly and sustainably, so they can add value to its customers. Jaguar
land rover set targets for the future making sure they already met their
targets before it becomes the actual year, for example Jaguar land rover have
already met their 2020 targets, this is by reducing CO2 emissions and water use
by 30% per vehicle. They have also cut waste landfilled per vehicle by 79%
since 2007 and have reduced operational CO2 Emissions by30.5% per vehicle.
Jaguar land rover is striving to improve fuel consumption and in some of the
new models like Land rover discovery sport, Range rover Evoque and Range rover
spot. Jaguar land rover have set an objective to ensure that people in the
local communities get opportunities. Jaguar land rover also want to reinvest
into the community, in 2007 they started to work with climate care, and are
investing in projects to protect the environment and improve people’s lives.
They have also had a water project in busia, Kenya where it made jaguar land
rover the first company to reduce carbon emissions and provide safe water for
over 1.9 million people. Also as the Britain’s largest premium automotive,
Jaguar land rover are aiming to tackle youth employment, where they can get
into a traineeship programme that offers experience on how the business runs.
Jaguar land rover has been honoured with the 2015 queen’s award for enterprise
in sustainable development and was named “Responsible business of the year
2013/14” Jaguar land rover also make sure that the people is always first
throughout 2012 and 2013, 74& of production employees and 81% salaried
staff observed that the company is virtuous. Also, jaguar land rover has raised
4.1 million to support many selected charities this shows that the business
jaguar land rover is not dedicating all the profits to its self, but they would
like to help the whole economy and charities to ensure that a lot of people all
around the world get to live a life like everyone else. Jaguar land rover also
have a high standard of environmental responsibility, they takeback and
recycle. Also, they reduce transport impacts meaning they have all their
products built in the UK, but they also send off products to no less than 177
countries. Jaguar land rover and HSBC are using CSR to have the brand succeed
in china.(Arcadia, 2017)(Jaguar Land
Rover, 2014)



 In conclusion, Jaguar
Land Rover is set to be the first company to have a car which is to be the most
environment friendly and was set to hit the streets at December 2013. We have
found out that soon Jaguar land rover want to reduce the amount of CO2 Emission
that is being set to the global organisation, they want to release a car that
is running fully from electric motor, also jaguar land rover takes care of the
people and the young adults that want to gain training are also able to become
an employer for Jaguar land rover. The company also have different projects
that they work on charities for. The company also want to create vehicles that
are made from electric, which will make the world a better place to live in and
having less emissions coming out from the vehicles.

Inconclusion we have found out that the business wants to be
fair and honest, they also care about customers and colleagues from all around
the world. The company also care about the unity of the people making sure that
the business is successful and results in making good relationships with
colleagues and customers all around the world, they ensure that the customers
get the best product that they can ask for. The aim for jaguar land rover is to
make sure everyone benefits from working with us. (values, no





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