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This report critically
evaluates the ‘digital solutions’
provided to Westfield Health in order to target millennials and increase their sales
in Health Cash Plan portfolio within 18-30 market. Westfield has a vision to be
a market leader by 2019. Digital marketing is the key for becoming a market
leader. The goal of targeting millennials can be achieved by following
concentrated marketing strategy.

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summary of Research

understand the awareness among the millennials towards health cash plan, their
behaviour and inclination towards a healthy lifestyle, intensive research was

Research was performed with 50 online surveys to obtain key metrical data to
extrapolate millennials behaviour. Reports from Mintel and Neilson were
analysed to have in-depth understanding of competitor’s market share and
product. In Qualitative research, 50 face-to-face interviews were conducted
amongst millennials of different age group, different background from students
to professionals to young parents. The in-depth research across various online
platforms resulted in following key findings:

Findings on millennial

Biggest driver for
millennials is brand engagement, peer discussion and company ethics

84% don’t trust traditional
advertising, in fact 47% are influenced by blogs or social media

Millennials form a
well connected web on social media with more than 90% actively present on
social media.

Millennials are
unaware of the product Health Cash Plan

Other findings

Digital presence is
less as compared to other competitors. Westfield has 28% gap as compared to the
market leader Simply Health.

Westfield Health doesn’t
have a seamless user friendly online purchase experience.


of key findings

As outlined above, millennials
are connected by technology and deep insights of digital world are required to
target them. The digital presence of Westfield health was not impressive as
compared to its competitors. Please find below the SWOT analysis of the digital
presence of Westfield Health

Figure 1: SWOT Analysis
of Westfield Health digital presence



Westfield Health has
clearly segmented the market and is targeting the millennials to gain a
competitive edge in business. Whereas, they lack creating market offerings that
best serve the target audience and positioning of those offerings in customer

Figure 2: Source: Kotler
and Armstrong, 2016

Hence, Westfield
requires a customer value-driven digital strategy where it can create customer
relationships with the use of technology. As millennials are the most
tech-savvy amongst the demographics, having a seamless digital user experience
is a necessity.

An all integrated
platform for the entire journey of the customers purchase of the product,
addressing all five stages of buying behaviour process, to post-purchase
customer delights should be constructed to gain a competitive advantage.




lifecycle mobile solution

Westfield Health has a
claim-based app which makes it faster and convenient for the existing employees
to settle their claims. They can submit claims for the treatments availed and receive
quick reimbursements (, 2018). However, Westfield has
adopted to transform digitally and claim-based app helps in increasing customer
retention but to gain a competitive advantage Westfield needs to provide an
improved user experience not only to existing customers but to the draw new
customers as well.

The new mobile app
should be created to provide a seamless user experience, a platform to compare
all Health cash plans. Westfield Health has 5 levels of cash plans with
different benefits covered by all according to their price.

A mobile platform to compare all the
five levels of plan and their benefits so that the customer can select the
optimum plan based on its requirements and budget was proposed as a solution. This
app also compares the health cash plans of the competitors so that Westfield’s
product can outshine.

An inbuilt-health/fitness tracker should
be incorporated in the app which monitors the daily activities and nutritional
intake of the customers and hence suggests the services that will be beneficial
for them in the Health Cash Plan.

A tailor-made health cash plan can be
made for customers seeking benefits which are not clubbed in any of the 5
variants of cash plans. This strategy is called concentrated marketing, customising
the offers helps companies meet the needs of the customers.

The claim-based app can be incorporated within
the same application. To encourage the use of application and to maintain its visibility
Westfield can offer discounts on a purchase from app and exclusive offers for
loyalty customers.

A reminder for claims and expense
tracker can be included in the app to remind the customers about the claims
pending to be settled and when it is due to be renewed. An expense tracker
which updates the amount spent for the given period can be added.

Lastly, a customer feedback system
should be incorporated in the app; this will enable new customers to know the
insights of the process from real existing users and this transparency will
eventually help Westfield increase its brand value.


3: Mobile App customer journey


Marketing/ Branding

Westfield also aspires
to be a market leader by 2019. This can be achieved by building a strong brand
value for the company. The Customer-Based Brand Equity Model developed by
Keller states that in order to build a strong brand, right type of user
experience should be built around the customer (Keller, 2009). CBBE is a four
step model towards building brand equity as illustrated below:

4: Source: Keller, 2009


Identity – It commences by building awareness of
the brand across the target audience. This step of digital marketing can be
achieved by social media and internet searches. Social media marketing helps in
raising brand awareness and creating brand associations by increasing website
traffic and building conversions particularly for the millennials. Furthermore,
it improves communication and bridge the gap by enabling interaction with key
audiences. Social media marketing can be achieved by uploading images or
videos, posting texts and via paid social media advertising. It can be marketed
at any platform that drives audience engagement.

Buffer, a digital
marketing tool to manage social media, links up all social channels so that the
content can be shared across various media platforms just at one click
(, 2018).

Search is the major
source of discovering about a company if strategized optimally. People make
numerous searches on daily basis so optimizing the brand content on websites,
blogs, social postings, white papers or any other digital content in such a way
that it reaches the customer can be beneficial for establishing the brand. This
can be achieved by either organic search queries or paid advertisements or by
incorporating Search Engine optimization strategies. SEO algorithms make use of
keywords, Meta tags and social media to increase the ranking of the websites
(Davis, 2009).


Meaning – At this stage,
targeting the right audience helps the company to establish a deep
relationship with the customer by forming social and psychological connections.

production and e-marketing can be adopted by the company to strengthen their
ties with the customer and provides a wider recognition for the brand.  Animated videos could be used by Westfield to
explain the process of buying and claiming health cash plans. This approach of Video production is
already been used by one of Westfield’s competitor Simply Health which has
better market share.

can be used to assist customer to follow the journey from awareness to
conversion to promotion and expedite customer’s movement from one value stage
to next.

competitor Simply Health has partnered with the great run series which is now
world’s biggest mass participation running series. This has created a buzz on
social media and is fashionably famous as “#millionsmoving” hub. This movement has enabled Simply Health to
transform in a brand (, 2018). Westfield can form
partnerships with such events to increase awareness and the brand name.

c.       Brand Response – The
response towards the brand can be judged by the feedback provided by the
customers either through application or any other online platform or offline.
Analysis of this feedback will help Westfield to improve and encourage
transparency for the new customers.

analysis and tracking of website traffic can be beneficial for understanding
the response towards the brand. Google Analytics, a web-based platform collects
the data of the users visiting the website. It stores the data of how the users
arrived at the website and for how long were they present on the website and tracks
their actions. It also offers additional information about the user
(, 2018). If implemented, Westfield can capture the real
time profiles of the visitors which can later be targeted and can result into

is another web-based platform for monitoring SEO performance by tracking the
important keywords and also analysing website performance in comparison to
competitors (, 2018).


d.      Brand Resonance
– This last stage of brand building deals with creating strong connections with
the existing customers. Loyalty programs and rewards should be introduced by
Westfield for returning customers. 
Active customer engagement should be encouraged and loyalty customers should
be inspired to participate in awareness campaigns such as marathons or
marketing events or online chats via social media.

The mobile/tablet app
and digital branding if implemented by Westfield will impact the buying
behaviour of the customers. As per the buying decision process, a consumer goes
through a five stages decision-making process as illustrated below (Kotler,

Figure 5: Buying
Process. Source: Kotler, 2017

The buying process
starts with the recognition of need and problem awareness. Since Westfield
Health Cash Plan is a product designed towards health and fitness of the
customer, its need is inevitable. With the increase in inclination towards
healthy lifestyle and fitness, a market for this product is already present. As
per our research findings 64% of millennials follow a fitness program and 51%
maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once the customers need is established, they
search for information across various platforms. The research findings states
that 77% of millennials take recommendations from family and friends (word of
mouth). After implementation digital marketing strategies outlined above
Westfield Health will be omnipresent. At the evaluation stage, the customer
tries to choose between alternatives. The mobile app suggested earlier compares
all the Health cash plans of Westfield and even that of competitors, this can
be a ‘One Stop Shop’ platform for
the customers. If the buyers find positive information about the product, they
will make the purchase. The post-purchase evaluation is the last stage of
buying process. Once the customer has brought the product, they may feel that
the alternative product was more beneficial and would like to switch brand next
time and will not make a repurchase. This is concept is called as ‘Cognitive
Dissonance’. This can be avoided in the case of Westfield by providing loyalty
rewards and repurchase discounts to the customers by making the customer
journey post-purchase smooth and innovative as represented by the mobile app.



One of the 4 Ps of
marketing mix is promotional mix, which comprises of advertising, public
relations, personal selling, sales promotion and direct and digital marketing.
These are used as tools to focus on the target audience to communicate and
promote growth. In this case, the target audience is millennials which
communicate and connect through social media and are influenced via online
marketing. According to our primary and secondary research, if 11.24 million
millennials of UK following a conversion rate of 56% plan to buy any variant
amongst the 5 Westfield Health cash plans, a potential income of 124 million
pounds per month can be achieved. This all can be accomplished if Westfield
Health follows and implements the strategies presented in this report and create
itself in a brand. A brand once
formed can be recognised and trusted by the mass.





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