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INTRODUCTION:Human genome project is a comprehensive mega project ,
international research effort dedicated to map the entire human genome by
determining the sequence of nucleotides in the DNA of each 22+X and Y
chromosomes and to study the function of human genes. It has been also called As
CONSORTIUM.HGP is considered to be the most ambitious project ever
undertaken due to the following points:1. it deals with 3*10^9 base pairs, to determine their exact
sequences in different genes and in different 
chromosomes and to determine the relationship of different genesto
various characteristics.2.It deals with storage of huge data.imagine if 3*10^9
base pairs and their sequences to be stored in books with more than 1000
letters per page and 1000 pages per book just from one single human cell.3. The cost of sequencing this was estimated to be 9
billion in the year 1990s .( $3 per base pair).HISTORY:                                                                Human genome project was initially a 13 years project. UK
was the major contributor of this project. The project was funded by NATIONAL
on October 1,1990. Advances in technology computational devices for data
processing , data sorting and data retrieval, the first working draft of entire
human genome was announced in june ,2000and first detailed analysis appeared in
February 2001 on NATURE AND SCIENCE
journel.the project completed in april 2003.GOALS OF HUMAN
GENOME PROJECT:1: To sequence entire above 3 billion
base pairs genomes.2: to store
this information in databases , easily accessible to scientists across the
identify 20,000-25,000 genes in human obtain
a physical map of human genome by cloning DNA into yeast artificial chromosomes(YACs)
and bacterial artificial chromosomes(BACs).5: to develop
technological advances in genetic methodologies like gene cloning , sequence
costigs and sequencing genomes.6. to
transfer related technologies to other sectors (eg:industries)SALIENT FEATURES:A few salient features are:1.size of genes vary greatly. Hence the largest guamn gne
named DYSTROPHIN considered to have 2.4 billion bases.2:more than 50% genes discovered are not known.3: less than 2% of genes code for proteins.4:repetitive sequences do not code for proteins are 50%of
human genome.( repetitive sequences are stretches of DNA repeated upto thousand
times)5: 1 billion copies of 5-8 bp repeated sequences are
clustered around centromeres and telomeres. They are junk DNA.6:  In HGP, as many
as 1.4 million single base difference are found. These are called as SINGLE NUCLEOTIDE POLYMORPHISM(SNP).SNP promises accurate identification and localization of disease associated sequnces and tracing human evolutionary history.  


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