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Technology governance planning entails the use of certain tools and mechanisms
to attain various organizational goals and objectives. These tools must be well
defined depending on the firm in question. Some agencies seek for technical
advice so that they can have proper IT governance plans. No matter the source
of information, firms should come up with perfect plans to ensure the
successful implementation of governance projects. One of the organizations that
have such frameworks is the Gartner Inc. This paper, therefore, discusses
suggestions from Gartner organization on how to carry out IT governance

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Gartner Company is an Information Technology consulting firm in the United
States. It provides technical and professional advice to businesses, government
agencies, and other corporations on best practices in Information technology
(IT). This firm recommends major phases, which leaders in the IT sector of
their agencies should follow when executing projects related to IT governance.

1.      Strategize
or Planning Stage

2.      Architect

3.      Build

first step is the strategizing or planning stage. Second, there is the stage of
coming up with the solution also known as “architect solution”. Finally,
Gartner talks about the building stage. All these are discussed in the
subsequent paragraphs.

Strategize or Planning Stage

            Strategizing entails developing ways
of achieving the project goals and objectives. An IT governance project must
have what it must achieve at the end. To arrive at the milestones, there must
be a method of doing so. The principles of governance also should be
well-defined. Other important considerations in this stage are; establishing
the project scope, the resources, and so on. It is not possible to create a
budget without first knowing the scope of the project in question. At the
strategy stage, the IT personnel should incorporate all these elements in their
governance projects with an aim of making the progress to other stages

Architect the solution

            This stage requires that the IT
manager or concerned persons define the decisions that the IT governance team
needs to make. In addition, they indicate the levels at which the decision-making
process should take place and who to decide on such matters. Even as that
happens, those responsible for deciding on behalf of others must be accountable
for what they do. Recommendations of project implementation and determining how
best to carry out the communication process is also a function taken care of in
this stage.


            This is the last part of the IT
governance project implementation process as Gartner Inc. describes. It deals
with creation of different processes to ensure the firm arrives at the
milestones indicated in the goals and objectives. Such processes should do with
the formulation of the project committee, management of different elements of
project execution, and many others. All these processes should be according to
the IT governance principles so that they align with the organizational goals.


three suggestions that Gartner makes concerning IT governance projects’
successful implementation comprise of strategizing and planning, developing a
blueprint of the solution, and building on the strategy. Firms that follow
these phases are likely to attain their goals as pertains to IT governance.
Even though there are some of other mechanisms for IT planning, the mechanism
by Gartner is the best for most businesses according to the description within
the paper. As such, organizations should be advised to apply these tools for
progress in the related activities.


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