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“Is there a value to innocence?”
My essay will cover: racism, sexism, and the coming of age. A prominent theme I chose is social injustice that is shown in the book, How To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I decided to choose this topic because it is still a worldwide problem. To give you a brief understanding of social justice, it arises when equals are being treated unequally and that creates social barriers. Social barriers that include: racism, discrimination, oppression, and sexism.
The theme of racism influences Atticus because he is a quote on quote “nigger-lover”. This can best be represented when everyone calls Mr. Finch a nigger-lover and obviously shows that he shall not be respect due to this situation. On page 94, “he’s turned out a nigger-lover we’ll never be able to walk the streets of Maycomb again.” This is significant because this signifies that everyone hates negroes in Maycomb and is showing negative appeal to Atticus wanting to protect Tom Robinson.
Another scene where discrimination and racism predominantly plays out is when Calpurnia takes Scout and Jem to a church for blacks only. Socially this is a sign of segregation because white folks are separated from black people. In chapter 12 they discuss racial language barriers and how that makes them different from each other. For example like the comparison of their churches. Calpurnia’s church has one ratty hymn book because few are literate, while Scout’s church has many books and mostly everyone is literate. This leads into innocence. What does Scout and Jem understand about racially different customs? On page 143, ” ‘why do you nigger-talk to the–to your folks … ‘Well, in the first place I’m black–‘ “. This signifies that racism and oppression was very relevant and reliable to their society.
The theme of society injustice shapes Maycomb by choosing customs over logic. This is shown in chapter 19 where Dill cries about how wrong the trial is. On page 226, ” ‘Well. Dill, after all he’s just a Negro.’ ‘I don’t care one speck. It ain’t right, somehow it ain’t right to do ’em that way.’ “. This shows us the innocence of adolescents because they can figurate what is right and wrong but to to their lack of experience they get different treatment.

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