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ISO 9001 is a part of the ISO 9000 family that consists of Quality Management Systems standards that are designed to assist companies/ organizations to ensure that they meet the customer’s satisfaction and requirements of the buyer. Quality Management Standards (QMS) consists of three main documents. “Fundamentals and Vocabulary” is used to look at the terms of use in the ISO 9000 Family and the eight quality management principles. “Guidelines for Performance Improvement” is part of QMS that helps the company continually improves by providing information on process management. For “Requirements” it is specified to meet the needs of the customer.


1.1 Commitment and Management Buy-in

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In its previous life as Strathclyde Engineering, Metallix Scotland Ltd relies on customer quality assurance audits to achieve the best quality of products it is currently producing. With its customer base agreeing to the new management’s decision to gain accreditation of ISO 9001, this will give Metallix Scotland Ltd with an official certificate that will help the company to gain customers internationally while reassuring the current customer base. The new management should assign a quality manager in each sector to show that they are fully committed to gaining ISO 9001 certificate. The new management should also consider creating events to showcase their products as it will not only help the company gain new customers and feedback on the product, this will also show further commitment to acquiring the certificate.


1.2 Quality Policy

ISO 9001 requires Metallix Scotland Ltd to develop a Quality policy showing the company’s commitment to achieving its Quality Management Standards. It is helpful to influence the staff as a manager or higher power to the set of Quality Management Standards to keep the quality policy consistent and embedded throughout the company resulting to the continuous improvement of the system. The policy acts as further reassurance towards the customers to help them picture the company’s goals. In the quality policy’s development, the quality managers should always be involved as the managers oversee everything that is happening within the sectors including problems. This is essential to improving the policy set to satisfy the customers.



1.3 Communication Strategy

For a company of 270 people, having good communication throughout the company is vital for a successful application to the ISO 9001 certificate. The new standards are only achievable if Metallix Scotland Ltd (which consists of 3 sectors and an administration department) work together and keep everyone updated regularly. For the Quality Management to improve continuously, the management needs a system to make sure that the departments are frequently applying updates to other departments. An appropriate training can be applied to personnel in the company who are struggling to communicate to others.


1.4 Appropriate Documentation

Metallix Scotland has a Company Quality Manual already implemented by the company but the management are unsure if it achieves the requirements of ISO 9001. The person who should write the Company Quality Manual is the Quality managers with input from management due to them knowing what is occurring in the company. To ensure ISO standards are met, the managers need to include the main purpose and the quality management policies and responsibilities. The manual needs to then be distributed to all staffs and to make sure that every personnel in the company receives the manual, the management can put the manual online and make it accessible to everyone including customers. As Metallix Scotland’s Quality Management continuously improve with ISO 9001 so does the Quality Manual needed to be updated physically and electronically.


1.5 Training of Staff

Since the ISO 9001 Quality Management system affects all the aspects of quality in the departments and all personnel in Metallix Scotland Ltd, training programs are needed to be introduced to the staff depending on the personnel’s role to the company. The training of staff should include the very basic thought of Quality management system, how they will fit into the goals of the organization and the work culture that is significant to the system. This is important because it shows the company’s commitment to ISO 9001 and it will motivate the staff more to the ISO standards. Additional training like auditing principles can be added to internally assess the Quality management system in the company.


1.6 Internal Audit procedures

For Metallix Scotland Ltd to become ISO certified, an auditor is needed to assess the quality management system. The company decided to do an audit internally instead of having an external consultant. Since the company has done an auditing principles training, at least 3 people are needed to assess from each sector and are needed to be fair-minded during the auditing their own sector. Having Internal Audits are excellent at finding flaws in the quality management system, this is important for a company who is under ISO 9001 certificate.


1.7 Certification Requirements

When the company is confident about everything where there are no deficiencies in the quality management system, it should be time to apply for the application. The company will be assessed by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to its commitment to ISO standards. Before the application, a pre-assessment audit should be arranged an auditor who is independent and qualified. During the certification, an adequacy audit is carried out where UKAS checks if the 10 quality standards are in the Metallix Scotland Limited’s Quality Management System which shows that the company is committed to ISO 9001. If UKAS conforms that Metallix Scotland Limited’s commitment they will award Metallix Scotland with a certificate, in a three-year period, periodic surveillance audits will be carried out to ensure the system operates normally within ISO standards.



In Conclusion, Studying ISO 9001 has made me understand the commitment of companies who want to thrive in today’s market. Quality needs to start internally within the company to continuously improve the quality of management and product which will result in customers being satisfied and reputation being formed.

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