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-It begins at the end because Eddie is about to die-Eddie is a maintenance man who all the kids love but the teenagers hate-Eddie love of his life is Marguerite and he recalls how he bought her a lemon fizz  and they danced together-Eddie was in WWII He works with someone named DominguezHe jumps up and catches the girl, Annie He said how all of his pain went awayHe saw sands of a golden shoreIt’s a Sunday afternoonEddie’s father seems athletic Eddies birthday gift was a red cowboy hat and a toy holsterMickey works with Eddie’s dadHe sees an cup he realizes was an old part of the parkHe can walk perfectly fineHe saw some blue guy in the chair The first person Eddie met in heaven was the blue manEddies body felt like a Child’s bodyEddie is in Heaven”Heaven can be found in the most unlikely corners. And Heaven itself has many steps.”There are five people you meet in heavenEach of the five people were in your life at one pointEddie’s real name is EdwardThe blue man said Eddie killed himThe blue man is Joseph CorvelzchikHis gift is a new baseballHis brother’s name is JoeThey had some sort of a funeral of go too Blue man tells him of a balance between life and deathEddie heard bombsHe saw a rifle and found his name on a tagHe had seen the captainCaptain is the second person he meets in heavenCaptain had died that evening trying to help with their escape. He got out of the vehicle to make sure the path was clear and safe; however, he stepped on a landmine, which exploded right under him. Eddie learns about sacrificeEddie is on some mountain24th birthday where his whole family was there supporting himHe was depressed because of his injury and defended himself from his drunk dadEddie’s father gets injured during the fireHe has a friend named noelEddie’s father died of loyaltyMickey Shea was drunk and hurting Eddie’s mother.Mickey fell into ocean Eddie’s father jumped in after him and saved his lifeIt was because of this night that Eddie’s father caught the pneumonia that later killed him.His third  lesson is to let go and forgiveEddie is in some italian placeEddie won money wanted to congratulate his girl and she got mad at meShe said sorry and while driving there crashed due to two teenagersShe dies at 47The fourth lesson is loveEddie sees a young girl mentioning him to comeeddie ‘s 51st was the first one without herTala pulls eddie to heaven before he diesEddie made her some balloon thingyThe pier was reopened

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