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It seems I have always pursued architecture and I remember,
from a very young age, being fascinated by buildings and all the different
shapes and styles. Sketching my own idealistic structures and imagining
futuristic buildings grew into a devotion that I followed through my school
life, as I took graphics and mathematical courses to cement my understanding.
Certain that this was the career path for me, the fundamental elements that
sparked my interest grew from sci-fi and postmodern architecture to Gothic,
neoclassical and minimalism.

Having been exposed to various charities through my college,
I have become increasingly drawn to architectural styles that concentrate on
enhancing environmental and humanitarian efforts; engaging the decorative and
mechanical arts with a mind to enlighten people and take care of the planet.

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During my studies at sixth form, I was given the opportunity
to create a working solution to an emergency shelter that could be of use in a
less economically developed country. I knew that in this case, my focus should
remain on affordability and durability of the structure, while providing
comfort and ease of set up. To ensure my work is up to the highest standard, I consulted
with architects at a local firm where I had the opportunity to gain much work
experience since secondary education and receive feedback on how to improve my portfolio
and drawings.

This course would provide me with a great deal of insight
into the world of architecture, while equipping me with the professional,
practical and business skills that aspiring architects require. My current
studies are in Maths, Applied Physics and Design and Technology. Through them I
am able to understand and calculate between design software and real-life
measurements, as well as being aware of how structures balance and support each

I have sought to become more experienced and skilled in
2D/3D drawing, and having access to software such as AutoCAD and Sketchup has
been invaluable for my learning.  In combination
with my experience of technical software I am comfortable with Adobe programmes
including Photoshop, Creative Suite and Illustrator. I have spent hours
exploring and learning the various functions available on such programmes,
learning to construct 3D models of my ideas. My continuing interest in software
enables me to keep on top of changing architectural methods as I am constantly
developing my knowledge.

In addition to my academic achievements, I have been
involved in many extra-curricular activities outside of college. I am a
committed member of Granta Cricket Club and have even played and practised
internationally with test cricketers abroad. I also enjoy my volunteer work at
the local church assisting the after-school club.

After carefully researching all possible courses that would
lead me to my ideal career and I have concluded that your university offers the
course content, facilities and qualifications that would suit my needs and



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