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It all started  65 millions years ago dinosaurs were created. Scientists still look at it today. Dinosaurs are one of the most dangerous reptile’s on this planet. But now they are extinct. So i’ll will give you some information about dinosaurs. So let’s start from the beginning when dinosaurs were eggs. Dinosaurs eggs are not small a dinosaur egg is about ten times as big compared to a chicken egg. Eggs can come in different colors and sizes.Did you know dinosaurs sizes can be taller than two humans stacked on each other. Also they can be as small as a baby. The tallest dinosaur is the Brachiosaurus it can be 13 meters tall. The smallest dinosaurs is the compsognathus. This dinosaur is 1 meter.  There are two different dinosaurs you got the meat eaters then you got the plant eaters. Meat eaters eat dinosaurs and will attack at you usually there the small ones but the sometimes come in a group to attack big dinosaurs. Plant eaters they are usually the tall ones so they eat leaves of the trees. But if there was a small plant eater like a baby dinosaur they will probably eat berries off a bush. There are some smart dinosaurs out there and some dumb ones to. The smartest dinosaur is the troodon its brain size is a big as a avocado pit. An avocado pit is 6-7 inches. The dumbest dinosaur is the stegosaurus its brain is only 3 centimeters long. Dinosaurs became extinct million years ago. Dinosaurs became extinct because there was a meteorite that hit planet earth making all dinosaurs extinct. But that does not mean that everything was extinct some birds at that time are still here.Dinosaurs bones have been discovered all around the world. Archaeologist have been digging them up. Then the researcher find out what dinosaur is this. Now they know what dinosaur it is they try to look for the other bones that might be conned to it. Once the have all the pieces the put it all together like a puzzle. After that they might put in a muzem. Well that’s all I really know about dinosaurs. Don’t be sad cause they are extinct. Maybe they might come to life in the future with science. like they did in jurassic park. I hope you learned a lot and also my favorite dinosaur is the triceratops.   

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