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It is important to understand what is a structured system
analysis design is and what it does to a system. Structured analysis is an
organised plans of systems analysis that makes use of graphical diagrams to
develop and shows system specs to the user in a way that makes them easy to
understand and is clear. The diagrams notify the steps that needs to happen and
the data that is needed to meet the design requirements of the system.  There are some major important steps involved
in structured analysis:

Learning the present system and analysing all of
its issues

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Evaluating any alternative that there may be

Picking the best system approach

Designing this system

Designing the new system around these problems,
in order to resolve them

Creating the graphical specifications

Designing the new physical environment

Using a structured approach of systems analysis, both the
systems analysis analysts and the client/users should locate many benefits. An
example will be a software that has been properly designed and build up. If an
analysis and a design has been done by using a structured model, then all of
the requirements should understood by the designers and or analysts, therefore
the completed product should meet all the initial requirement. Having this high
end quality of software should have an increase of the productivity within the
organisation which means it should be able to serve all the functions it is
intending too and need so all of these can give an efficient system without have
it face any problems. 

Having a structure can reduce risk of over-run, this
includes budget and time. If the specification of a system is clearly presented
and is understandable to everyone then the entire development cycle should be
finished, well it depends on the time allocation for the project so to meet all
the requirements you will also need to consider the budget going over the
budget can impact the complete system. This can also be important because if a
company buys another company at some point to not have any competitors then
they have to consider not spending too much money because you would be scaling
up the size of the IT systems, it is important to make sure both are designed
well within the time and without going over the budget you have.

Projects that have structured analysis in their system will
mostly be well managed. This means that there are regular check-ups or
monitoring of the processes and these will make sure that everything is
successful and determine how are the analysis and design are and has been so
far. Regular meeting would be held, which means the targets and goals are set
for example, the system, needs to be implemented within a certain amount of
time and should be able to perform simple functions without too much of the
budget being spent by the organisation. Throughout a review of an entire
project, the project will take place once it has been completed.

A good structured system analyses and design method should be
capable of removing risk of the system that is not being resilient because it
will go through testing phase in two stages and that it will make sure that everything
within the system is going to be implemented into the existing system which
means it gives it a resiliency this is because if it was not resilient it would
crash and would not work with the system like a server if its cables are in
wrong places it will not work or function properly. 

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