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It is dreams that
define us and make us who we are. As we grow, we find that some dreams are
difficult to overcome. However, those who conquer the impossible are the ones
that make a difference in the world. It is these people that challenge what is
known, and aspire to make their dreams come true. These people are passionate
and elevate the standards so that others live a better life. Just like these
people, I too am passionate about my dream to one day have a successful career
in international business. It is a great responsibility and challenge to
influence the world economy for the better, and it is a challenge I am willing
to accept.

have come to realize that knowledge is priceless. It is the most basic of human
currencies and can be shared freely with anyone at any time. As a student at
Rutgers, I have a state of awareness and understanding from the experiences
shared by my professors and peers that will help me make decisions in the
future. Not in just my personal career, but also everyday life. What I mean by
this is that I will make decisions that will influence others to solve
problems, such as avoid economic downfalls. Studying Management and Global Business
at Rutgers Business School is my way to make a difference in the world. My
dreams and personal goals are big. But I believe the future belongs to those
that dream big and do even more.

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are many reasons why my aspiration in life is to pursue a career in business. The
combination of academic challenge and practical focus makes studying business
highly appealing to me. I come from a country that lacks education when it
comes to manage and understand how a business works and how to make it last
longer by creating techniques and creating value on what they serve. It is why
my mission in life is, after I finish my business degree in Rutgers Business
School, to share the knowledge I will learn with businesses in Albania and help
people realize the importance of working globally in collaboration with other
firms and make their business grow internationally.

am thankful for being a Rutgers student because it offers many opportunities to
engage and create a network of colleagues to share information with. During my
first semester I signed up for the Rutgers Undergraduate Woman in Business club
to develop my leadership skills for the future. There, I have meet many new
people with different backgrounds, who helped me grow as a student and as a
person. Another organization where I was able to think critically and engage
with faculty was Marketing and Management Society. This organization has helped
me develop necessary leadership skills for a business career. Marketing and
Management Society also invited different companies and individuals with years
of real life business experience to share their knowledge. I attended these
workshops with passion because it was important for me to learn more about the
world of business. My next semester, I am planning of joining other
organizations that will give me more insight in the world of business.

hard work comes great reward. But hard work requires great sacrifice. The
sacrifices I have made rewarded me with excellent grades. Upon starting my
college career at Bergen Community College, I was part of Judith K. Winn School
of Honors since my first semester there because I was a dedicated student and
curious about everything new that I could learn. Being able to organize
workshops for my school, I leaned about Phi Theta Kappa, and international
organization that honors students for their achievements in class and their extracurricular
activities and community services. In November 2016 I was induced as a member
of Phi Theta Kappa. It was a meaningful reward for me because all my hard work
paid off.

conclusion, aspiration is a long time hope to achieve a goal that is hard to
accomplish, but not impossible. I believe all of my hard work and dedication
will bring me closer to achieving my goal to one day getting my diploma at
Rutgers Business School. 

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