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is also harm to developed country. Developed country is known as industrialized
country where the country has a developed economy and advanced in technology
infrastructure compared to other less developed countries. In developed
country, they have low poverty rate which is they living in high standard where
many of people have enough money to buy what they want and need compared to
developing countries.

of developed country free trade also has disadvantages besides the advantages.
Firstly, the union opposition among them. The North American Free Trade (NAFTA)
between Union States, Mexico and Canada has criticized by unions as they are
harmful to workers and the U.S economy. Since workers paid in Mexico is cheaper
than U.S, many manufacturing industries produce of their production at there.
AFL-CIO contented NAFTA had ravaged workers and consumers in all three
countries, contributing to job loss and salary decline while reinforcing
multinational corporate. Unions argue that when the increasing of capital
mobility facilitated by free trade, it is can hurt the undermined government
regulations and the surroundings.

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disadvantages of free trade can harm the developed countries are the increasing
number of job outsourcing. According to James Bucki (2017), outsourcing is a
business practice used by companies to reduce costs or improve efficiency by
shifting tasks, operations, jobs or processes to an external contracted third
party for a significant period of time. It can happen when tariffs were
reducing on imports it will allows companies to expand to others country.
Without tariffs, the imports from other countries with low cost of living cost
less such as when U.S companies in same industries they will be difficult to
competing. Therefore, the unemployment rate will be increase because country
will import the human resources where country has paid salary more cheaply than
their country. Hence, they might be to reduce their workforce in company. For
instance, many of U.S manufacturing industries actually removed workers due to

but not least, the difference among economists. The Council on Foreign
Relations (CFR), is an independent think tank based in New York, were reported
that many of economists agree where NAFTA has led to some overall improvement
in U.S occupations, but deep inside of that there was a painful side effects
occur. Free trade can affect the turbulence in the domestic economic sector
such as the old manufacturing segments that has been exposed to the global
competition. As indicated by Edward Alden, a senior officer CFR, salaries are
not defended with labor productivity and rising income inequality-trends have
been hastily diminished by free trade.

conclude that, generally, free trade can give the benefits to the third world
country (developing countries) in the process of growing economy and others to
be the better life like the developed country. Where as we know the developed
country have low rate of poverty which is their society living in better life
compare to developing countries. Hence, with the existing of free trade developing
countries will become and improving their life to be better. Other than that, behind
of advantages of free trade, there will have disadvantages. The free trade can
be harmful and it will be affect the growth of country especially to the

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