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It is becoming all the more
popular for people to grow their own food. Whether they have green
fingers or not, people up and down the country are choosing to get out
in their garden, their green houses or even their windowsill and take
something from a seed into an edible product.  

But why is this? What are the reasons for more and more people deciding to grow their own food? 

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You will save money 

produce costs money and many of us are trying to save money.
Particularly when it comes to our food shopping. One of the best ways
that you can save yourself some money from spending out on food and veg
is to choose to grow it yourself at home.  

It is going to taste amazing 

is literally nothing that tastes as good as fresh food does. Picking
something out of your garden and putting it straight into your recipes
means that it is going to taste pretty awesome. So much so that you will wonder why you didn’t grow it yourself sooner.  

The whole family can get involved 

Who doesn’t love something that the entire family can do together? Not
only is growing your own fruit and veg a great activity for you all,
but it also teaches your children how fantastic it is to get your hands
dirty and grow some food yourself.  

You are going to feel hugely satisfied 

is no better feeling then being able to plant a seed and then watch it
grow into something. Add into this that you are growing it into
something that you can eat and you have a whole lot satisfaction right there.  

Anyone can do it 

course, growing your own fruit and veg is going to be easier if you are
a bit of a dab hand at gardening, but truthfully, anyone can turn their
normal fingers into green ones. There are some seeds that are going to
be harder to grow from, but there are plenty of guides online and tools
that you can buy to help.  

Plus, you can do it anywhere 

of people say that they can’t grow their own food because they don’t
have the space. But, you would be surprised to see just how little space
you need in order to
grow fruit and veg. Sure, there are some that are going to need to be
outside in a garden space, but you may be able to grow some smaller
varieties in pots or your windowsill.  

It is much better for the environment  

all know that we should be making much more of an effort to protect the
precious world around us. This means that finding ways to help the
environment and live a little greener is a good idea. Growing your own
fruit and veg is much kinder to the environment. Not only does it cut
down on packaging as well as food waste, but it also cuts down on the
emissions that come from transporting all that fresh produce around the
country for us to buy.  

You may be encouraged to try new dishes 

your eating horizons is always a good thing and one way that you can
try to think of new dishes to try is with your own fruit and veg. You
may not buy that particular vegetable if you saw it in the supermarket, but if you grow it yourself then chances are that you are going to want to use it!  

the sound of growing your own food? One of the first things that you
should think about is buying all the right equipment. For fruit you may
need to invest in a fruit cages.
These are designed to allow the right amount of sun and moisture to get
to your fruit growing, but also to keep it nice and protected against
pests or too much rain that could affect how well it grows. 

you have this important piece of equipment you should find that you are
ready to grow your own amazingly delicious fruit that you and your
family can enjoy.

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